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  The Marc jean Tornado Flute Booster
  A Tornado is the strongest demonstration of wind power on our planet and it has inspired the TORNADO FLUTE BOOSTER (TFB).
In fact, a tornado has a tapered shape; so is a flute head joint.

Many players had notice that their flute is responding better after 20-30 minutes of playing.
The instrument and the player's muscles are then warmed-up.
If you look at the cork plate inside the head joint at this moment, you will notice that a ring of saliva
has formed at the corner of the cork plate and the head joint tube. This proves that this area is weak
of wind circulation, resulting in a waste of power for the musician. The TFB cancels that negative effect and
recuperates this lost power.

This device is correcting the head cork plate shape from a flat surface to a shape similar to the base of
a tornado and defines the eye of a tornado in your flute. It accelerates and regulates the wind spin in the
entire flute creating many advantages for the player as described below.

You can also browse our Testimonials section to see some of the results obtained by our customers.
Tornado Flute Booster

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  For a video showing how to install the Tornado Flute Booter, click here

The Tornado Flute Booster is available in four finishes:

  Style   Description   Price (USD)
TFB SThick silver plated, brighter sound.$36.95
TFB G14K gold plating, richer sound.$39.95
TFB SSSolid Silver, 3.65 grams$80.00
TFB SGSolid Gold, 10K, 4.2 grams$265.00

  Advantages and Characteristics

      • The Tornado Flute Booster (TFB) is designed to be installed to the head joint cork plate.
    • The Tornado effect created by the TFB ease playing flute substantially.
    • The air jet introduced by flutist is redefined to spin faster and rotate freely.
    • The TFB adds power and definition to all flutes.
    • Higher notes are way easier to play and lower notes sound larger.
    • Harmonics are amplified without being affected.
    • Add projection of all notes in all registers.
    • Accelerate and define attacks. Improve staccatos.
    • It can easily be installed and removed for testing comparison.
    • It can be fixed permanently, very quickly and without any tool.
    • The TFB can be transferred to another head joint. The head crown will then have to be removed.

  Installation Procedure for test playing

      • Simply put a drop of saliva on the flat (back) surface of the Tornado Flute Booster and gently slide it down in the head joint.
    • You must make sure that its flat surface is in contact with the cork plate.
    • Looking inside you flute head joint, you should see its irregular shape.
    • Assemble your head joint to the body and test play but leave it out a bit for tuning purpose.
    • To remove the TFB, simply pull your head joint out and gently knock the tenon down on a soft surface. You can repeat these 5 steps as many times as desired.

  Permanent Installation Procedure

      • Make sure that the flat surface of the Tornado Flute Booster and the cork plate are dry.
    • Take one of the two stickers dots included and peel off one side.
    • Stick it to the center of the TFB flat side.
    • Gently slide it down in the flute head joint until both flat surfaces are in contact.
    • By using your cleaning rod with your enrolled, press the TFB down.
    • You can correct the tuning simply by screwing the head crown or by pushing the TFB and cork plate until the line of your cleaning rod is being centered in the raiser hole.
NB: The cleaning rod must touch the lower (concave) part of the TFB when tuning.

The Tornado Flute Booster can also be soft soldered by a specialised technician for an even better result.

The Tornado Flute Booster has been successfully tested on a large number of flutes of all categories and brands.
However Musique de Marc Inc is not responsible for any damage caused to any part of any flute by the Tornado Flute Booster.