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Some Comments from our customers

Hi Marc,
I received the ligature last week and i have to say it´s really great.
I also have one for my soprano now (i ordered that one in Germany at Jazzthetic).

Thank you.

Best regards,
Matthias Urban, Austria

Hi Marc
Sorry for the delay with this. I’ve had the ligature for about a week now but it was several days before I was able to really sit and test it out. Of course, I knew already I was going to love it and I do! Like the ones you’ve made me for saxophone the play as beautiful as they look! Somehow, magically, I have no more bad reeds!
Thank you once again for your innovation and craftsmanship.
Bill Harris, Stamford, CT. USA Jan 21st. 2020

DJamal, Bobby and Barry.
From Djamal Adib, Gibraltar. February 11th. 2022

¨Hello dear Marc!
It arrived today! Oh my god, what a beauty!
True piece of art!
Amazing sound!!!
See pic attached.
thanks a lot..................will buy again in the future and recommend


Playing an alto sax, Claude Lakey rubber mouthpiece with a Marc Jean Ligature II model Québec 501 B
Québec is my new Hard Rubber harmonic plate here in a satin brushed version.

From Bobby Zankel, Philadelphia, March 11th. 2022.

¨Thank you very much Marc, the ligature is fantastic. You know resonant, clear, easy to play, in tune, power……. Great work Bobby¨

Now playing his Alto Guardala Fat boy with a Marc Jean Ligature Woodstock 640 Silver plated.

From Barry Winkler, New York, March 7th. 2022
¨Good morning, Marc Jean,

I’ve enjoyed playing your ligatures very much. Like other reviews I’ve read, I noticed an immediate improvement in response and tone compared to my previous ligature, a Vandoren Optimum. Playing feels more effortless, especially with the low notes, and my tone sounds richer, at least to my ears. I’ve been playing for many, many years but I am not a professional. If your ligatures can produce such a noticeable improvement for an intermediate player such as myself, I can only imagine what they can do for a professional player. You were correct, making the ligature tighter or looser did not change the performance as far as I could hear, but moving it up or down on the reed did. I prefer to keep it lower on the reed since it gives me more of the tone I aspire to.

I have decided to keep the silver-plated ligature since it does seem a bit brighter, which is what I prefer. I will be sending the satin brass ligature back to you today for a refund (minus the restocking fee as agreed), and will provide you with a tracking number once I have it.

Thank you for a very pleasant experience and I will be sure to give positive reviews of your product whenever I have the opportunity.
Playing his tenor sax Morgan ML hard rubber mouthpiece with a Marc Jean Ligature II model Woodstock 701 Silver plated.

¨From Barry Winkler, March 17th 2022
Thank you, Marc Jean, it was a pleasure doing business with you. You make a superior product; I am very happy with the ligature and will be sure to give it positive reviews whenever possible.

Barry Winkler¨

Joanna Lin
Hi Marc, January 4th. 2022

Happy 2022 to you. Ive received and tried both ligatures and they sound really amazing. The altissimo for both mouthpieces are now very effortless and it makes overall playing much more efficient. Thank you for wonderful ligatures once again. Have a great year ahead!

Best regards
Joanna Lin, Singapore.
Playing on an alto sax Retro Revival Eric Marienthal metal mouthpiece and alto sax Jody Jazz Custom HR mouthpiece.

Chris Tadina
2020 Dec. 15th.
Philippe Carrier, Toronto, Canada
Allo Marc,
J’ai reçu la ligature la semaine dernière!
Depuis que je jous avec je trouve que mon son est plus coloré et plus gros ou complexe. Tu avais raison pour les reeds, les reeds qui ne fonctionnait pas si bien sonne vraiment mieux hehe
Superbe ligature, les suraigüe sont plus facile à jouer et il y a définitivement moin de résistance.

Merci et je vais recommander cette ligature sans aucun doute!

Bon temps des fêtes! Et bonne année

2020 Nov. 21st.
Chris Tadina. Sacramento, California, USA
This is a review I did for the Saxophonists group on fb, Marc. It's more concise than my other one. Enjoy and do with this what you will:
May I present to you, The 857 model: made to fit a Metal Berg Larsen Duckbill Fatbody. Marc is the type of technical artisan who has to make sure that his products are going to fit on all the different mouthpieces in a custom way. If he didn't have my particular mpc lying around, the fit we had in mind (model 840) would not have been as perfect.
Alllll right. Here's the nitty-gritty that I'm sure you're all really interested in.... there's a new kind of sorority that's really nice. There's a little bit of "chorus" effect and overtones ring out. My reed if vibrating like never before! The sound is both more focused and spread at the same time. I've noticed more control with easier sub toning, instant dynamics and easier note production bottom to top. I don't need to blow as hard to reach top volumes, it even seems as though I can play 1.5 if not twice as loud! I can play extra "syrupy" with gentle legato or extra percussive with razor-sharp staccato.
Bob Straka, Garland, TX. USA
December 31st. 2020
Bob ordered 2 clarinet ligatures. One with the granadilla harmonic plate and the second one with the new hard rubber harmonic plate. We agreed that I would refund the returned one but he keep both. Read why.

Happy New Year, Marc!

I wanted to let you know that I have decided to keep both ligatures. Yes, the granadilla does have a bit more power and depth, yet the hard rubber has such beautiful clarity. It seems like a good chamber music mouthpiece for me. Both ligatures create a well-defined tonal shape and provide clear articulation and plenty of resonance. I am sure I will use them both in the future, once playing gets back to normal. I will share your information with any other interested clarinetists and sax players. Thanks, again.

Bob Straka

Ryan McKnight
April 2020

Just received the ligature. Out of the box I knew great care and thought went into this lig, just a stunning sight to see. First impressions that it was effortlessly more free blowing, I can feel the vibration of the reed! My sound does not feel not necessarily brighter but just more presence and core/depth. I love the one screw mechanism, much easier to handle, I cannot wait to play it even more tomorrow! Thank you so much for the excellent service, I’m excited to tell my friends about my new ligature! If you are curious I’m playing on a Ted Klum Tonamax 7, Rigotti 3 1/2 reeds and a 52’ SBA, this is the cherry on top of my setup, thanks!


Ryan McKnight
Patricia Poremba
Hello Marc Jean,

After reading some positive reviews, I purchased your gold-plated artistry tenor ligature last month. It plays as beautifully as it looks, with an immediately difference in the richness and warmth of my tone. I love it so much, I just ordered another one for my alto. Congratulations on a wonderful product!

Best regards,
Patricia Poremba, California
Hi Marc,

I just got the ligature yesterday, it’s amazing.

Thank you,

Iming Lin
Americo (Rico) Fernandez, Roseville California. Feb 11th. 2020

I played it briefly about an hour ago for a good 30 minutes and the slight stuffiness feel I was experiencing with the Retro Revival Meyer Alto mouthpiece with the H-Lig it came with completely disappeared with the Marc Jean!! Wow, I couldn’t believe it and kept changing ligs back and forth, from the Marc to the H-lig to even a Velcro piece, and the Marc just blew them away and its only been 30min…actually from the beginning it shined! This is definitely my new life piece and lig! Thank you so much for making such an amazing ligature!

Forever grateful,


By the way, all my ligatures for my Tenor, 2 Alto and Soprano mouthpieces are now Marc Jeans!

From : Vincent Gaglio Feb. 22nd 2020.

The ligature I got is awesome. Such freedom for the reed to vibrate and expression of sound. Wow, Love it , It supports the reed but does not dampen the sound , Vinny

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MARC JEAN LIGATURE II Artistry Gold Plated
(For HR alto saxophone mouthpiece)

Marc Jean has been making his own exceptional brand of ligatures since 2005, and are constantly seeking to improve and develop their product.

The first generation Marc Jean ligatures introduced the revolutionary idea of using wooden sticks inside the metal ligature to hold the reed in place. The wooden sticks making contact with the cane allowed the reed to vibrate more freely. The result was that the mouthpiece played more freely with less resistance, and a tonal flexibility that many players had found lacking in other ligatures. Further developments have been made with the second generation ligatures, that have further improved the tonal excellence of these already impressive ligatures, and it the latest model ligature that I have received to review.

Originally wishing to retain the Grenadilla wood that was used in the the original ligature, for the new model this was housed in a reed plate that still allowed the reed to vibrate freely, however with the Grenadilla is now being CITES protected Marc Jean conscious of the protection of, and sustainability of natural resources has had a re-think and replaced the Grenadilla wood with a Hard Rubber reed plate, with a stainless steel backing instead of synthetic cork.

Early prototypes of the new Ligature II indicated that the new reed plate gave more resonance and enhanced vibration due to the hard rubber over the Grenadilla along with increased focus and power due to both the hard rubber plate and the stainless steel backing, and it the latest model ligature that I have received to review.

My current set up for alto, I have been playing a Lupifaro Gold Series saxophone, is an Otto Link 6 HR mouthpiece and Lupifaro Jazz #2 reeds. When I first tired the Marc Jean Ligature II, I immediately noticed that the horn was more free blowing, but not to the extent that there felt that there was no natural resistance. Intonation was spot on across the range, with sound, although nice and full, was also more centered. I also noticed a difference in playing in the upper register, the notes were more easily articulated, and again the sound up top appeared fuller.

?After playing a while, the reed seemed to be feeling softer and so I switched to Lupifaro Jazz #2.5 which I normally find a little too hard. However with Marc Jean ligature I found the reed more manageable and gave a control, again in the top register that I had previously been struggling with.

As well as the Link HR, I also tried the ligature with the Retro Revival "New Yorker" mouthpiece. This is a medium chamber mouthpiece and a replica of the original Meyer Bros New York alto mouthpiece. The model I tried was the 7M with a tip opening of .083, a little wider than I am used to. Again the results were impressive, and straightaway my playing sounded more centered and with a fuller tone and control in the upper register. The wider tip opening also made the bell notes easier to control. Again I played the "New Yorker" mouthpiece with both Lupifaro Jazz #2 and #2.5 reeds, and as before preference (embouchure permitting) is for the harder reed.

Having now been playing the Marc Jean Ligature for a while, I certainly feel that this is right for my current set up, and indeed made playing both my Otto Link and the Retro Revival piece a real pleasure, and my Rovner light has now gone in to retirement as i enjoy the ease of playing and the tonal flexibility of the Marc Jean Ligature.

The Marc Jean Ligatures come in two basic models, the Woodstock (W) which is not engraved and the Artistry (AR) which is beautifully engraved. Each model comes in a choice for finished from Brass brushed metal band, highly polished (un-laquered), silver or gold plated. The gold plated model tested for this review looks and immaculate and the brings out the best possible results in the player.

If like many saxophone players you have a draw full of ligatures or whether you are considering you first serious upgrade, you should not overlook these superbly crafted pieces.

?For more information visit Musique de Marc.

Reviewed by Nick Lea

Kevin Bene youtube review
Mike Vaccaro, Long Beach California
Marc. Thanks for the ligatures. I liked both of them but the clarinet lig is now my number 1 ligature. Makes the 3rd register easier and has a pure clear tone, AND a wonderful response. I like the alto lig too but it was a little fuzzy on the one mouthpiece I tried it on which is my classical MP. I am going to try it on some louder mouthpieces today.

Mike Vaccaro, Long Beach California
July 2019
Aaron Wolf
Hello Marc! I just wanted to let you know that the ligatures arrived yesterday, and I absolutely love them! Thank you, immensely, for such a beautiful and creative design. I am very impressed, beyond what I expected. The wood-tabled ligature is my favorite of the two; it has a buzzier and slightly lighter effect on the tone and response for me, compared to the hard rubber table. Although the hard rubber material has a distinct quality that is special too, I think; it seems to articulate really fast and clean for me, and has bit fatter tone which brings out the bass frequencies slightly more. Very interesting! But, by far, these are my favorite ligatures.

All the best to you!

- Aaron Wolf, San Jose. California

Grant Koeller, Englewood, Ohio, USA
Ligature arrived today, I will be testing it this Saturday. So far I’m very impressed with the workmanship, the fit and finish. It's so stunning, It's very beautiful!!!!!
After the gig......
I never really thought how certain ligatures could be superior than other makes of ligatures because after all it's job is to hold on the reed. How-ever when I used the Marc Jean, everything was fuller and louder with more carrying power. Now I've played most every ligature in my 48 years, playing (23 years with the USAF bands), but the Marc Jean ligature II is different. It is more powerful. Even my crappy reeds played better and my really great reeds were off the hook!
A great ligature lets the reed "do it's thing" and Marc Jean does that perfectly. I tested it on my same mouthpiece i've been playing on now for the last 12 years. 1952 Selmer Super Balanced Action with my hard rubber Otto Link 8 slant reissue .110". Out of all my ligatures, the Mark jean was the fullest and loudest.The harmonics was particularly improved,and high notes were popping out that I have never gotten before! I was baffled, how they did it, but that black ebony wooden tone plate really lets the reed sing with no restrictions. A great ligature should be able to go on and come off really easily. This was the fastest reed change i've ever made, with the simple single screw design, and it was a perfect fit. The finish is flawless, and very beautiful gold plating. The regular use of this ligature makes playing the saxophone more positive,with less reed problems. It brings out the reeds true colors. It lets the reed "do it's thing."Comes with a great plastic cap.
I tested this ligature at Jazz Central, Dayton's home for jazz, People came up to me and said, wow, what is that new ligature? I told them it was the Marc Jean, and it really is louder and fuller than anything i've ever played, and I've played them all,... even string.
As for maintenance, all that's required, is the regular oiling of the single screw, cork grease also works great.
I have been thinking how the Black ebony reed plate makes the reed have more mass. yet it only touches the reed barely on the outer edges.
I used this new ligature today in a Glenn Miller tribute band. It gave me a kind of super focus....... it was hard to describe, I could play quieter but with more intensity! Then full volume for full out solos!

Grant Koeller Oct 31st. 2019 on Facebook
Cormac Doyle, Shinrone, Ireland
Hi Marc,

I got the ligature.
I just had a quick play and back and forth with my Rovner.
On first impressions I love it and it is just indeed as you say i.e. the feeling is somehow more solid and I perceive an extra edge, perhaps harmonics, and fullness to the sound.
I am still finding my way on tenor, from alto, but know enough to believe this will be of great help to me.
So, thank you and I’m delighted to be you first Irish customer.

Kind regards

Cormac Doyle, Shinrone, Ireland

Phil Feather, Burbank, CA, USA
Hi Marc,
Just got to play my new model II ligatures. They are just outstanding! I loved my first generation ligs also, but these truly surpass them. They have a rich, focused sound with free response in all registers. The fullness of harmonics has particularly improved with your new model.
I’ll be sure to pass them around for my colleagues to try. I would like a list of the other B stock ligs that might still be available. I’m a studio musician in Los Angeles. As such, I play most sizes of sax and clarinet and often have to use different mouthpieces, depending on requirements of the gig.
Thanks again,
Phil Feather
Paul Thackeray from England
Hello Marc,

Just thought I would let you know that the ligature arrived today.

What a wonderful piece of engineered equipment you have made!

I have played it on my Theo Wanne Gaia 2 and it has made such a difference compared to the ligature that came with the mouthpiece and is also superior in my opinion anyway,to the fabric lig that I also have

We done and thank you for taking the time to respond to my emails and for shipping the lig over to England.

All the very best

Paul Thackeray
Børge-Are S. Halvorsen from Norway.

Børge-Are S. Halvorsen from Norway posted on Facebook group » Saxophone Ligature screws.
Feb 13th, 2019
Marc Jean has done it again.
I enjoy the full, rich, warm and projecting sound I get, with noticably fast and precise response in the low register. Here on my Early Babbitt Otto Link Tone Edge .085".
And it's a beauty to boot!
I heard about you from Mr Theo Wanne when he was in Calgary recently and he told me that your ligature is actually better than his (!)
(I’ve been having issues with his Liberty ligature on my Gaia )
Hoping that your ligature lives up to Theo’s recommendation.
I will give you a positive review if it lives up to the recommendation !
Best ,
Bill Harris, Stamford, CT. USA
Hello all
The ligature arrived yesterday and it's perfect! It looks beautiful and plays even better! Thank you so much! I suppose I'll have to get one for my clarinet one day...

All the best,
The review
The saxophone world is beset by gadgets and gizmos these days. Every mouthpiece, ligature, reed, neck strap, neck screw, and case seems to offer an ever-growing list of improvements and upgrades that seem too good to be true.
It is here that I would like to jump on a soapbox to say this – be wary of advice and opinions from social media, internet comments, and YouTube videos. Always check the credentials of the person giving the opinion, and remember that all you need to start a YouTube channel is an email address. The sixteen-year-old who just got his license will surely see an improvement in a Lamborghini versus his beat-up Honda Civic, but only a real professional can tell you the difference between the Lambo, the Ferrari, and the Bentley. Stepping down off the soapbox…

I am a cynic when it comes to saxophone doodads, particularly those in the upper stratosphere of price ranges. It can be hard to tell if a piece of equipment really does what it claims to, or if those claims are merely to justify the markup. When my students ask me about the latest fad, I have to take into consideration that my words carry a certain weight and that they are often on very tight budgets. If a mouthpiece claims to make you sound like Michael Brecker with all the altissimo of Lenny Pickett and the warmth of Stan Getz prepackaged with a thousand Coltrane licks for roughly the cost of your first-born child, it had damn well better do that before I recommend it to struggling college kids.

One of the things I love about saxophone conferences, and by extension writing for The Saxophonist, is the opportunity to vet these new-fangled items to see if they do what they claim.
The Marc Jean ligature has become a relatively recent entry into the luxury ligature market. It has received praise from Bob Sheppard, Tim Price, and John Ellis. It is a finely engraved ligature, which cradles the reed in a piece of grenadilla wood and closes with one screw. From their website:

The amplification of natural harmonics is comparable to the use of a double reed.

On the new Marc Jean ligature II, the piece of grenadilla wood is
adding 60 % of mass to your reed multiplying the reflection of the
tone and harmonics by as much.

The new ligature model was designed to enable the reed to vibrate
even more freely. As a result, there is less resistance when blowing
into the instrument and less air is required to produce the sound.
Low notes can be played effortlessly at a whisper and a larger,
richer tone results.

The Marc Jean ligature II generates a very dark, warm and very open
sound which is more powerful than ever. You will notice an even
emission in all registers, ever more free blowing and surrounded by a
multitude of rich harmonics.

Over the past several weeks I have been using the Marc Jean II ligature for hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpieces, specifically the Woodstock Engraved model in gold plate. They offer an Artistry model that includes a piece of trim on the grenadilla wood, and they come in a variety of finishes including raw brass, polished brass, silver, and the aforementioned gold plate. When ordering, they ask you to provide some information on what kind of mouthpiece the ligature is for and for which saxophone, with options for custom engraving as well.
I play-tested the Marc Jean II with several mouthpiece and reed combinations, as well as up against two other ligatures:

Gottsu Sepia Tone 8 (my main piece)
Otto Link HR 8
D’addario Select Jazz 7

Vandoren Java Red 3
Rigotti Gold Jazz 3 (unfiled)
Legere Signature 2.5

Marc Jean II Woodstock Engraved (gold plate)
Ishimori Woodstone Copper (my primary ligature)
Vintage Selmer Two-Screw
Abelet Bubinga Wood

My primary setup is the Gottsu Sepia Tone with the Woodstone ligature and either the Java Reds or the Legere. Over the course of this review period I used the Marc Jean in a variety of settings – small and large concert halls, restaurants, churches, outdoor venues, and private studio spaces.

Let’s start with aesthetics – the Marc Jean is a beautiful ligature. It is very well engraved, and the gold plate is incredibly luminous. The grenadilla wood has an incredible polish to it, and it just looks great on the mouthpiece. I know we call claim not to care about such things, as we wink and nod, but it’s a magnificent looking piece of gear.
I was concerned that the grenadilla wood support for the reed would dampen or darken the sound, but it did neither. With my primary setup the Marc Jean added a great deal of warmth and buzz to the sound. The clarity was phenomenal – I was able to play at every dynamic level comfortably and still retain the added edge. For some this might be a detractor; one of my colleagues who has a naturally high amount of buzz in his sound thought it was too much. For me, though, it was perfect. Think somewhere in the vicinity of a Seamus Blake type sound. It had a similar effect on the D’Addario Select Jazz, but less so on the Link. For what it’s worth, the Link is a modern version that’s been refaced, and while it plays wonderfully mellow, it is the least affected by reed and ligature changes.

Similarly, all three reed brands I used played as they usually do but with the added buzz. The Javas are very present with the Marc Jean, and it boosted the Rigottis a bit to where I could put them into regular rotation (typically I use them with the Link for a more “classic” sound). The Legeres performed fantastically as well, but be warned, the synthetic material does have a tendency to move around on the wood base. I would not call this a criticism of the Marc Jean; I have this issue with a lot of ligatures.

What about versus some other high-end ligatures? I use the Woodstone copper for most things, as I have found it gives added color and projection. It’s very free-blowing. The Marc Jean is equally as free-blowing and quite a bit more resonant; the added edge to the sound is a huge bonus for me. I would give a slight edge to the Marc Jean as a personal preference – in the high-end ligature market these two are equals at the least. The Selmer Two-Screw is more or less my control ligature – it’s an accurate representation of the sound as is. Thus, the Marc Jean gets the better of it by virtue of added projection, harmonics, and buzz. The Abelet is another boutique ligature that is the other side of the coin from the Marc Jean. The Abelet adds a lot of warmth and darkness without sacrificing edge and projection. If you’re a gear-head who likes to have a lot of equipment for different jobs, it might be worthwhile to add these two to your arsenal. Sometimes you need a cup of black coffee, sometimes you need a triple espresso.

Being in the high-end luxury market of ligatures, the Marc Jean II is not cheap. Their models run from $96 up to $180, plus added costs for shipping and engraving should you so choose. The model I tested is $161, putting it at the price point of the Woodstone and Silverstein ligatures. They do offer a full refund if you are not happy with it, and waive the restocking fee if the ligature doesn’t fit – this seems unlikely given the care they take to craft the ligature to your piece. There are also free repairs offered if the grenadilla base falls off, which the company says has never happened.

Overall the Marc Jean is a very fine piece of equipment, and for the player in the market for a luxury ligature, I would highly recommend it. It will add harmonics and edge to your sound, plays nice with a variety of reeds, and works with a variety of mouthpieces. For the artistry and efficacy of it, it is worth the extra dough.

Marc Jean II Woodstock Tenor Ligature
Design: Beautifully engraved, well made, variety of finishes, custom engraving options, and fine craftsmanship
Pros: Strong projection, added edge/buzz, high harmonic content, works with a variety of reeds and pieces
Cons: High price point


Matthias Urban, Austria
Hi Marc,
I received the ligature last week and i have to say it´s really great.
I also have one for my soprano now (i ordered that one in Germany at Jazzthetic).

Thank you.

Best regards,
Matthias Urban, Klaus, Austria

Ted Klum. Ted Klum Mouthpieces LLC
(Taken over the phone)

Hi Marc.
This is awesome, man… What did you do there? This is the best ligature I have ever played. Everything is there, so much harmonics! It is fantastic! Thanks man! I will call you back
Yannick Rieu
Salut Marc,
Bien intéressant! Le son est égal partout, facilité d’émission plus grande. L’anche semble vibrer sur toute sa longueur…plus de « grain » dans le grave.
Beau travail!
Yannick Rieu
Famous Jazzman from Montréal.

Hi Marc. Very interesting! The sound is equal everywhere, greater fluency in the playing. The reed seems to vibrate on all its length… more «core» in the lower end.
Great work!

Yannick Rieu
Famous Jazzman from Montréal.
Jerry Bergonzi
It is a fantastic ligature. I wish Marc a big success. Happy New Year
Jerry Bergonzi. January 1st 2018
Don Trimble
Happy New Year 2018 from Orange Coast Sax Shop and thanks again for making me a great ligature it works really nice on my Aaron Drake.
Don Trimble. December 31st 2017
Bob Sheppard, Los Angeles, USA
Hello Marc, I had an early Christmas! Thank you for sending your new design. I am testing it out, it plays very even and responsive but it seems a bit dark. Wondering if the wood rails are thicker than needed? […] Hi Marc, Yes indeed, that was the first thing I tried and it did help [moving it up or down the reed]. It still is on the dark side but good dark, not dead.

Anibal Rojas
Hello Marc! Yes, I did receive the ligature. It’s absolutely wonderful! It gives me a much bigger, wider and warmer sound. I will be sharing this new find with my colleagues. I’m currently on the road. But I will post a video for you during the next week or so. And you can hear for yourself.
Many thanks!
Anibal Rojas. Touring with Blood, Sweat & Tears.
Disk Hamer, South Wales Woodwinds, UK.
Thanks Marc,
I've had to try tenor alto and clar ligatures now, and all are fantastic, really easy to play, so much so, I may have to play a harder reed.
Thanks for the order, but I'm still unsure whether there is a cap, either a) included in the price, to follow, b) available at extra price c) not included.
I don't want to advertise them on the website until I have all the information,
Best Wishes.
Doug Lawrence
Hi Marc,
I love your new ligatures! They definitely give you more "body" in the sound than the first generation, and I love the first generation too! I am using both of these new models full time now on my vintage No USA metal Otto Link and on my hard rubber Berg Larson. I have some high profile gigs coming up at Lincoln Center and several major jazz festivals around the world and I am sure folks will be asking me about them. ...

Copy and paste the following link in your browser to hear Doug Lawrence in action:
Fred Jackson Jr. Inglewood, California, USA
Hi Marc,

Hope things are back to normal with your shop, and that you are doing well.

I received the 325 VC, and it fits the Ted Klum soprano piece perfectly. More importantly, focus, pitch, sound, evenness of cales...
everything is much better with your ligature.

I love the single screw! Have you consider a single screw version for ligatures in general?

Wishing you continued success!

Fred Jackson Jr.
Richard Hamer
Hi Marc,

The TFB are proving to be a big hit - I haven't had a lot of flute players in lately, but the ones who have tried them have ALL bought one !

Richard Hamer
South Wales Woodwind. UK
Klaus Fischer, Germany
Hi Marc,

many thanks for sending the ligature that fast. It arrived in Germany only a couple of days after your confirmation of my order.
After intense playing in the last two weeks I can summarise my impressions easily: I love it! It fits perfectly to my HR Navarro BBS tenor, is very easy to adjust and holds the reed really steady on the mouthpiece - no more readjusting after tuning. But more important: it opens up the sound and the response of the reed and mouthpiece is clearly improved. Mouthpiece, reed and ligature seem to be a real unit for the first time. The sound itself is not influenced that much, but the feel is much better, more comfortable and more direct at the same time.
And beside that the ligature looks great, the workmanship is perfect. All in all it's an excellent product that helps to emphasise the characteristics of the mouthpiece without changing them. An investment that is worth each cent.

Thank you very much once again. All the best to you and ongoing success. The world needs craftsmen and experts like you.

Best regards from Germany,
Klaus Fischer
Mario Lafrésière, Montauban, France
bonjour Marc
reçu les ligatures ce vraies merveilles......excellente vibration. je sonne comme un tueur avec mon Mintzer....merci pour tout.
pourrais je me servir des mêmes ligatures pour le Navarro Mintzer Bop Boy et le Navarro soprano?
merci encore pour votre excellent travail

Klaus Graf,
Dear Marc
The ligature you sent to me is great! A master student of mine is interested to buy one. His name is Markus Harm. He will contact you very soon.

Kind of regards
Thomas Desch, Germany.
Hi Marc,

just want to let you know that I have got the ligature last week. I am very happy with it. Thanks a lot for this great piece of art.

Best regards,
Tony White, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA
" My experience in dealing with Marc Jean from the beginning was an absolute pleasure. He is a total professional who cares deeply about is clients. He went out of his way to send me a number of ligatures until we found the right fit for my mouthpiece and I can say that his great work makes a big difference. Immediately after securing Marc Jeans ligature I could hear a difference in the depth of color and tone. Improved intonation and a much easier and smoother transition into the altissimo. I would highly recommend his products and I've already asked him to make me ligatures for my alto and soprano."
Another satisfied customer
Hi Marc Jean, I'm a recent Humber College Jazz Major graduate & I've been searching for the perfect ligature for quite sometime. I just got one of your ligatures and I can truly say this is the ligature I've been searching for. I play a vintage Berg Larsen Tenor piece and this piece is extremely hard to find a ligature that a) fits well, & b) responds and has the colours I want. Yours fits like a glove, responds perfectly & has such beautiful colours! Excellent job, & I'll for sure be getting one for my Alto, & Soprano.
More comments on Sax On The Web
Javier Gutierrez from Texas, USA
Dear Marc, just writing a few lines to say that I'm very pleased with the Marc Jean Alto & Clarinet ligatures. I'm getting better response
and a fuller sound on both instruments.
Articulation on my clarinet seems more precise.
I'm also pleased with the flute tone booster. Tone seems purer and I'm playing longer phrases.
I'd like to order a ligature for my rubber Meyer Soprano Sax Mouthpiece if you have one; also a ligature for my metal Theo Wanne Tenor Sax mouthpiece.

Please let me know if you have these ligatures!
Merci Beaucoup! Javier

John Leclerc, Lincoln, Rhode Island, USA
Marc, I received the ligature yesterday. I've been playing vintage gold plated and silverplated Harrison ligatures for over 30 years.. I wanted to take a little edge off my sound and recently switched to a Rovner dark ligature which is a nice ligature but it really affected my Altissimo register..

I am very happy to tell you that your ligature is really the best of both worlds.. The sound is clear, full, focused in all registers including altissimo and never too bright. Brilliant !
Skip Ragland, North Carolina. USA
Dear Marc Jean,

I received my new ligature from you today and I am delighted with it. I put it on a Morgan mouthpiece on my 50 year old Selmer Mark VI alto and the sax plays better than ever and that is saying something. You are amazing!!
Thank you so much. I will be purchasing one for my Selmer Reference 36 tenor in the very near future.


Skip Ragland
Bob Rosen, New York City. USA.
Truly amazing. The Link plays beautifully from bottom of the horn to altissimo. I don't think I've ever felt a response like this from any mouthpiece ligature combination. Beautiful design and construction. Its not too heavy (Vandoren) and its not flimsy (Francois Louis), it
doesn't dampen the upper partials (Rovner) and it looks like it won't fall apart (Bay). There, I've said it all.
I should have gone into advertising! Will soon order soprano and clarinet versions.

Happy New Year!
bob rosen
Larry Ballow, New York, USA
Wanted you to know the ligatures are fabulous. I am able to tell the difference in response on both the tenor and soprano.

Thank you again,
Larry Ballow
Peter Gemmel
"Just put the TFB in my flute. Wow!!! I can trill on a Low C to any other note. It speaks so effortlessly.

Thanks mille fois!!!"
T. Casher, Massachusetts, USA
Thank you for making this barrel for me. I shall enjoy it through many happy years of music making. It makes the clarinet so easy to play, and so well in tune. I am having such a good time with it! The barrel is the greatest! As are your ligatures! Note from Marc: This gentleman send me the bores of his mouthpiece and upper joint of his clarinet. A barrel was made at 63mm for him and the result is there. The fit of the bores are VERY important for tuning, equal harmonics speaking and an even projection of every notes.
Mark Sepinuck from 10MFan Mouthpiece, USA
Your Ligatures are phenomenal and I highly recommend them to all my buyers. They work so beautifully on my mouthpieces and I could not be happier! Thank you for your beautiful work. All the best, Mark
John Lawson, United Kingdom
Dear Marc Jean, I bought one of your soprano ligatures from Dick Hamer in South Wales (UK) and sent him an E'mail to say how delighted I was with it. His reply; tell Marc Jean, he likes to get feedback. It fits perfectly on my Theo Wanne Ghia mouthpeiece, which is not easy because it is a difficult shape and I found Theo's ligatures challenging to set the reed up with, although a superb mouthpiece. The result of this aquisition has been so good that I can get clearer high register notes and wonderful tone on the low ones. Thanks so much, and good luck with sales; you deserve it. kind

regards, John.
Bob Sheppard, Los Angeles, USA
Hello Marc,

I had an early Christmas! Thank you for sending your new design. I am testing it out, it plays very even and responsive but it seems a bit dark. Wondering if the wood rails are thicker than needed?


Hi Marc,

Yes indeed, that was the first thing I tried and it did help [moving it up or down the reed]. It still is on the dark side but good dark, not dead.
Tim Price
Hi Marc Jean,

I played the new ligature you sent Ted Klum - EXCELLENT. The one for a hard rubber alto sax mouthpiece in Silver... are they for sale yet? Great amazing sound and quality, Marc!
Sebastian Knox
Everybody loves your lig!

Sebastian Knox, Mouthpiece refacer, Toronto, Canada,
formally at Ted Klum MPC
Mark Sepinuk, 10M Fan Mouthpiece maker
I have been using mine for a few weeks now and it is fantastic on my 10MFAN hard rubber mouthpieces! Beautiful craftsmanship and passion from my friend. Thank you so much for all you do.

Big hugs,
Richard Hawkins, Famous clarinet Mouthpiece Maker, USA
Dear Marc,

I wanted to thank you for the custom ligature you sent me. It is beautiful! I really liked the sound of it. I appreciated the custom RH on it too! Very impressive and warmed my heart. It is a bit too large in diameter for my mouthpiece and reed combination as I also use Legere reeds. I had one of my greatest students play it yesterday and it was an immediate improvement for him and so he is using it on his
recital here this weekend. He mentioned that it also played more of his reeds immediately. Bravo to you on your outstanding work!

You’re the best and thank you again,
Pete Gemmell
Salut Marc,

I received the 2 ligatures almost 2 weeks ago. They are marvelous. Here's some thoughts I have about them. My sound is there right away on all reeds. When there is a problem with a reed I seem to know what it is right away and am able to address it. I find that I'm able to play softer with control of the tone. There is more flexibility in my sound, color and dynamic. My range has magically expanded. High notes
pop out easily and low notes are like butter, silky smooth.

Everything is more fun to play.

Thank you.
Tim Tolber, USA
I love the tenor ligature I purchase for my Jody Jazz.
The sound is much warmer and richer.
Andrea Bonetti, Greece
The ligs look great as usual. I have had only a short time to test them, but I can surely say that they allow for an amazing evenness of mission with, for example, easier jumps between high/lower notes; the reed seems to vibrate as free as possible. Response is very quick and clean. Palm notes sound fuller, less thin; lower notes come out like butter. Compared to the MK I Marc Jean model (which for me was already
the best lig around), I find the MK II model a serious improvement.

Thank you very much for all your efforts to offer me the best ligs around!
Luc Robillard, Vermont, USA
(English translation below)


Mon ténor n'a jamais eu ce son riche. Je peux jouer doux/subtone, et je peux pousser comme jamais je n'ai fait. Et le son du ténor ronronne richement. Ma femme s'en est aperçu tout de suite. Tu avais raison. Je te reparle vers la fin de la semaine prochaine après
avoir mis des heures à jouer.

Merci infiniment. Je n'en reviens pas comme le son est bon.

Translation : WOW!!!

My Tenor never had as full of a sound. I tried it this morning before leaving for Baltimore. I’ll be back next Tuesday; I can’t wait to play it so much more. I can play soft / subtone as much as I can push like never before. And the Tenor always purrs wonderfully. Even my wife heard it right away. You were right.

Infinite thanks. I still can’t believe how much it
sounds good.
Dr. Jeff Blair, Director of Jazz Studies, ECU School of Music

I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed playing on my new ligature! The projection, focus, and depth of sound I get using it are exceptional. Also, I noticed you sent me the engraved model even though I didn't pay for it, thanks! I will definitely be recommending this great new ligature to my colleagues!
Michael Angelle, USA
Hello, I received the new Marc Jean ligature for alto yesterday day and played it on my Phil Tone Rift mouthpiece. The ligature is very, very nice! It is free blowing with a great feel. Thanks.
Jos Weeland, Netherland
Hi Marc Jean,

I am very satisfied with both my new ligatures, they are very responsive, even in the altissimo register.
Good job!!!
Thanks again,
Miguel Fernández, Sax On (Music Store), Spain
Hi Marc,

The ligature just arrived this morning. First impression is awesome, it really potentialized the mouthpiece sound acoustics. It is a pitty we will live so far away from each other, everything would be

Gene Ervin, USA

I have received the new ligature and I really like it a lot. I could hear the difference in sound from the first note I played using the new ligature.
Thanks much!
Dr. Gregory Alper, Director of Alper Music School.
Hi Marc,

I left you a phone message as soon as I got the Lig about how much I love it. Played it yesterday on a gig. I see why people say it's very dark. It is very dark. I actually had been wishing my present mouthpiece would be a little darker - now it is! Looking forward to experimenting with it more today.


I am extremely happy with the new ligature. There are so many benefits.

Reed speaks quickly, rich overtones. I love that I can control my sound from bright to dark with placement. It works well high, middle and low on the reed so it's now a matter of choice and not necessity.

More reeds work well. Love the sound and the response. Plus it looks so cool. Thank you!

Thanks for making these great products.

Dustin Cicero, USA
I have received my new ligature, gave it a test drive today and of course I love it!!
John Ellis, USA
Hi Marc,

Got the ligature for my tenor. Only played it a little, but really sounding good.
Chris Savage, Montréal, Canada
As I have told many fellow sax players, I never thought a ligature could make such a difference , until I played Marc`s lig, hard to put into words , for myself I found the sound much fuller , the sound richer, more complex, well worth the investment,
Fernando Martuscelli, Grilo Musical (Brazilian Music Store).
Marc, the ligature just arrived. I am breathless and without words to express my gratitude. But I published a first comment on the Facebook.
Thank you for the unforgettable gift.


Clarinet and saxophone players of the whole world. An outstanding day, a day to remember.

My friend Marc Jean built a jewel to me. I always doubt if I say that he is a luthier, a goldsmith and I always think that he is a dreamsmith. He made one ligature, with an engraving worth of the ancient engravers of France and United States, plated with gold. Perfect proportions, a flawless reedplate carved in a precious wood. And with the kindness of the great Masters, Marc Jean engraved the logo of my company, Grilo Musical.

Our company focus on quality and, due to this, we cross the world as music hounds, looking for items that aren't necessarily the cheaper ones, but always a fair price. So, if a product is in our list it is because of its quality.

Some things, few ones, go far away the border of goodness. It is like molasses, that is wonderful and the maple syrup of Canada, that is almost divine.

If you are a clarinetist you will understand what I say, there is a constellation on my mind, with few stars, but only the most shining ones: the original barrels made by W. Hans Moennig and the original mouthpieces of Henri Chedeville. To this constellation I add the Marc Jean ligatures, but glad to see the shining star of Marc Jean alive with us.

Congratulations Marc Jean. Merci beaucoup pour tout.
Patrice Foudon
(English translation below)

Bonjour Marc Jean, j'ai acheté ta ligature pour ténor chez Christophe Devillaire à Lyon. Bravo, beau travail ! Très homogène et polyvalente.

Translation :

Hello Marc Jean, I bought your ligature for Tenor at Christophe Devillaire’s in Lyon. Congratulations, good work! Very homogenous and polyvalent.
Rino Bélanger, Trois-Pistoles, QC. Canada (comments taken on the spot)
(English translation below)

J’ai l’impression que le bois de ma clarinette est d’une plus grande densité. Le ¨pitch¨ demeure précis. Il reste du timbre dans les aigus. Le son est uniforme sur tous les registres (pas de « zone morte »). Ça projette en ¨tabarnouche¨. Il y a plus de différences que je l’imaginais.

C’est vraiment différent. Je l’achète.

Translation :

I feel like the walls of my clarinet are thicker. The pitch remains precise. There is a lot of tone in the high register. The sound is uniform throughout all the registers (there are no “dead” or “dull notes”). The sound comes out with much more power. The difference is much more significant than what I thought it would be.

This is a whole new world. I’ll buy it.
Will Schmit
Got it! Love it❤️
Rafael Navarro Mouthpieces
Fantastic ligatures.
Adrian Sella, Australia
Hi Marc,

The lig arrived today.

It fits the mouthpiece perfectly and sound great.

Many thanks.

Alberto Stefanello, Leonberg, Germany
Hi Mark, i tried for many hours and with many mouthpieces with different reeds and i can confirm that your ligature is The best of The best!!!
I play on a metal mouthpiece and i was really impressed how the reed is very firm on the mouthpiece and at The same time vibrate very freely.
Really a work of art.My best compliments. Mark.
I compared the ligature with other famous brands and no one can be compared with your.
Thank you very much Mark.
All my best. Alberto Stefanello
Pounce J. TayLor, Louisiana, USA
Mr. Jean,

I am absolutely loving my new Marc Jean ligature. Previously, I played on a Rovner ligature, which gave me a much darker sound. With your ligature, my sound is clearer and much brighter, which I really like! I found it most beneficial to use it like a ring ligature. I have the screws open quite a bit, and just simply slide it up the mouthpiece until it's snug. Thank you for your wonderful product. Please feel free to use this email as a testimony on your website.

Your satisfied customer,

Pounce J Taylor
Bob Franceschini, Famous sax player in USA
First of all, I want to congratulate you on an amazing ligature.. I was trying one out that my friend Anibal Rojas uses. I currently use a Selmer 404 (The reeds sometimes don't seal) It fits a tiny bit big. I almost close it down to where the 2 sides of the screw holes touch. So it is slightly narrower than the newer blanks as a far as I know, since the Selmer ligs fit a bit tighter on them. .. Rafy would have to give you the details.. I sometimes use a Winslow ( destroys the bark of the reeds). Rafy is one of my best friends. He has been raving about your work for a while, I just haven't gotten around to trying one of the ligatures.. Thank you, BF

Richard at : South Wales Woodwind, UK
Hi Marc Jean,
The TFB's and ligatures have arrived safely, thank you. I have had a little time today, and tried the metal Link ligature briefly "Mon Dieu- Magnifique! " is all I can say, avec un peu francais. What a difference. Every Link player should have one. I'll definitely need to get more, as I need one for myself, and I'm sure they will be popular when the word gets around.
Pounce J. Taylor, Laplace, Louisiana, USA
Mr. Jean,

I am absolutely loving my new Marc Jean ligature. Previously, I played on a Rovner ligature, which gave me a much darker sound. With your ligature, my sound is clearer and much brighter, which I really like! I found it most beneficial to use it like a ring ligature. I have the screws open quite a bit, and just simply slide it up the mouthpiece until it's snug. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Your satisfied customer,

Pounce J Taylor
Dick Hamer
Hello again Marc,

I soldered the TFB in place after trying it with a temporary fixing, and I have to say the difference is remarkable. Not just in sound quality and ease of production, but the flexibility of large interval leaps (Bach Studies), which is something which has always been difficult for me as a doubler with limited practice time. It's almost too easy, feels like i'm cheating. I'll definitely be recommending them to colleagues, and customers who are having their flute serviced.

Could I order 15, gold plated for now, i'm sure more will follow...
OK, hope you are well, and business going well,


Dick Hamer

South Wales Woodwind

Tim Malloch, Montréal
C’est plus rapide et défini. Très apparent dans l’aiguë et même dans le grave.
Valérie Fortin
Ça rend la flute plus facile à jouer.
Jeanne Blackburn
Ça facilite l’émission de notes aiguës. J’en veux un.
Ichiro Katayama, VP at Miyasawa Flutes. Japan
I introduced the TFB to Mr. Katayama at the MusicMesse 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. after trying it, he had a big smile and asked: Is this patented? You sure found something there…¨
Yes, it is patented
David Straubinger
¨Congratulation Marc, This is great, I will consider installing the TFB on the new Straubinger flutes¨.

Guy Eshed, Principal Flute at Florence Opera, Italy
I just happened to try the TFB on my Muramatsu 18K flute and was very impressed with how in functioned.

Guy Eshed, Principal Flute

Opera di Firenze (Florence Opera), music director Zubin Mehta and the West Eastern Divan Orchestra, music director Daniel Barenboim.

Guy Eshed

Via Maffia 39

Firenze 50125


Adrian Ravell, June 2014
Hi Marc
Just thought I'd let you know that I got the 2 ligs on Saturday and am using both of them today in a show in London's glorious West End !
They're really lovely things and seem to have smoothed out the responses of both the alto and, in particular, the tenor.
Many thanks for the great work and I can see me ordering a few more from you in the not too distant future!
All the best
Adrian Revell
Zach Sollitto

Dr. Walter Ruckdeschel, Germany
Hi Marc,

Finally the package arrived with the two ligatures. Just gave them a first try - and I'm totally in love! It's like somebody let the tone free compared to my VanDoren Optimum (on alto) and Rovner Versa (on tenor)! More harmonics, clearly better response in the low registry on tenor and better subtone-control, and a strong feeling of such a wide dynamic range, superior projection and awesome response. This is a really major upgrade to my setup and I get sad when thinking about years of playing without Your ligatures!

Thank You very much and all the best wishes from Germany,


Dr. Walter Ruckdeschel
Mario Lombardi Montréal, Qc
Hey Marc,
Just received my ligature in the mail. Plays fantastically! Super psyched!!!

- Mario

Thomas McKay, Australia
Hi Marc,

I actually feel a bit silly now - they arrived last Thursday! Sorry to bother you about it, I should have been more patient.

It's actually amazing how much difference they have made to my sound, on my tenor the tone is incredibly clearer and the response has improved hugely. I need to try my alto one a bit more but so far I am an extremely happy customer! Thank you very Much!


Thomas McKay

Roger Parsons from Southhampton UK
Sorry I have not got back to you earlier but I have been very busy over the holiday period, I hope you had a good Charismas & new year, I managed to use the ligature quite a lot during the break and really like it, I originally wanted it for my new Rafael Navarro mouthpiece and have not been disappointed but I have also found it works very well on my old Otto Link HR piece, the ligature seems to really open up the sound, giving a more even tone with greater depth allowing the mouthpiece to reach its full potential.

Bradley Wagner, Ohio, USA
Thank you so much. I went back out to Woodsys, and they had a silver clarinet model 110, not 111, and it did fit pretty good, and after trying the two they had, I couldn't hear or feel a difference between them, which was a great thing to discover, and I purchased one at random. I used it on a gig last night and it felt wonderful. The tone and articulation were clear and the whole horn felt easier to play, which was wonderful for a 3 hour gypsy jazz gig! I can't wait to use it in big bands and pit orchestras also. I will have to go back and try the saxophone versions they have since my main horns are saxophones. Thanks for your help. - Brad

Steve Lishman from California, USA
Hi Mark,
I received the new MJ ligature yesterday and just finished my first practice session with it on my Navarro BBS tenor mouthpiece. A wonderful ligature!
Thanks again,
Steve Lishman
Murphy Lo, from Hong Kong
Dear Marc

Kindly be advised that I have received the ligatures. It fits perfectly with my Via Coro mouthpiece leading to great & smooth sounds and better sub-tone control.

Many thanks

Benoit Plourde. Directeur, Conservatoire de Rimouski

Votre ligature, je l'ai adoptée.

J'ai lu dans votre site les témoignages de nombreux musiciens.
Et, ils disent tout à fait vrai !
Oui, votre ligature facilite les articulations.
Oui, elle libère l'anche qui vibre librement.
Et, avec le travail, le son gagnera en richesse sur toute l'étendue de l'instrument et dans toutes les nuances !

Grand merci et, au plaisir,

Benoît Plourde, directeur
Conservatoire de musique de Rimouski

Aleksander Paal, Estonia.
Hello, Marc!

I just want to let you know that the ligature has finally arrived! I have been using it a couple of days, I love it! The very first sound I got with it was such a relief.

There is so much difference I can feel and hear in terms of articulation, focus, evenness and so forth.

I will need 4-6 weeks of playing to really put everything in words, I promise you I will write to you again! Maybe I will make a video, too.

Thank you for taking the time to make the ligature for me!

All the best,

Aleksander Paal
William Schmit, California, USA.
Marc, got my lig today. You are a genius! I'm able to hit first three overtones on a brand new reed with the very first and subsequent efforts!
Elizabeth C. Bley
Andrea Bonetti. Italia. 2013
Hello Marc,
I received the ligatures, thank you very much. They are really the best ligatures I have played with. I need to search no further. They have such a great responsiveness!
I was thinking of ordering one also in the size of a guardala tenor mouthpiece, but not yet. So don't send me the missing cap yet, you can send everything together. I will order the ligature once the Guardala (Sakshama makes it for me) will be ready in a couple of months.
Thank you very much again!
Kind Regards

Andreas Glimstrand. Sweden. Feb. 2013
Hi. I am planing to buy 2 ligatures for my mouthpiece. One for my alto that is a Otto Link STM metal (transisional) and one for my tenor that is a Otto Link STM Florida metal. I want the Un-Lacquered ligature on bouth. I want to pay with PayPal and I live in Sweden. Can you please help me with a total cost on this purchase. I have bougth two ligatures from you before and are realy happy with them, they work perfect. Best regards Andreas
Claude Imbert. France. Fev. 2013
Bonsoir Mr Marc Jean

j'ai bien reçu les ligatures qui s'adaptent trés bien aux becs.J'ai pu me rendre compte de leur bénéfice pour un son plus centré, plus dense et une amélioration de la qualité des attaques.Dés demain je vais chercher leur positionnement idéal sur le bec



claude imbert

Bill Harris, USA. Feb. 9, 2013
Hi Marc

The ligatures arrived a few days ago and are perfect fits and I love them! You are the best. I've got one more tenor piece that I'd like one for....

... Let me know what you think and again thank you for these great ligatures!


PS If you could send me some logo artwork I can put it up on my website...

Marc Rozec, France. Decembre 2012

J'ai bien reçu ma ligature; je trouve qu'elle procure un son "plein" et riche ; elle facilite l'emission dans les graves et davantage encore dans les aigus; j'en suis donc pleinement satisfait. Peut être ferais-je encore appel à vous pour un bec de soprano Lebayle MMS.

Merci encore.

Je vous souhaite de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.

Marc Rozec
Bill Petitte. Tenor sax, Fairfax, California
Marc Jean, Just wanted to let you know again how amazing this ligature is ! I've had it for many months now and it really pulls out the natural colors and tones of the mouthpiece/horn, just keeps getting better and better .What a piece of art you created. Thanks again Bill Petitte
Randy Van Hoorhees
I received the Lig and am very happy with the fit and quality, Thank you very much. Best regards

Robin Aitken Kirkcudbright, Scotland
Dear Marc Jean,

I purchased from you a gold plated ligature for my Ralph Morgan Jazz Tenor mouthpiece earlier this year and was so impressed I bought another gold plated ligature for my Ralph Morgan clarinet mouthpiece.

Your ligature on both instruments has transformed my playing. The exact placement of the ligature on the mouthpiece is critical. For example, on the Ralph Morgan tenor saxophone mouthpiece it is recommended that the ligature be placed about one eighth of an inch below the bottom of the beak. I use your ligature here and this is the optimum position for a resonant tone.

I find that, on both instruments, I get a fuller sound with greater power and flexibility and am able to play a greater variety of reeds with very little finishing adjustment.. I also find that the ligatures seem to make the instruments play more in tune.

Once again thank you for bringing me even greater musical pleasure.

Robin Aitken



Kelly Jefferson. Toronto.
Salut, Marc,
> My alto and soprano ligatures arrived yesterday. They are great, as I
> expected and make a big difference in the response and colour of the sound.
> All the best and thank you very much once again.
> Sincerely,
> Kelly Jefferson
Ken Chow, Hong Kong.
Hi Marc Jean,

I'd like to update you that all 4 ligatures are well received. They are great and I love them especially the Gold Plated ligature for my Dukoff Alto mouthpiece. Thanks for making these nice products!

Ken Chow
Bill Petitti, California, USA
I recently received Marc Jean's un-lacquered ligature and was very curious to try it right away. I have a medium bright rubber/resin mouthpiece that works perfect for my dark sounding horn. I have tried a lot of ligatures to balance the highs & lows and ended up with the rovner dark ligature as my favorite choice. The optimum and Francois ligature did not work at all for me. These ligs made my sound too buzzy, not enough of the darker colors.I did more research to find another ligature that wouldn't dampen the sound or brighten it but still gives me that pure tone/ resonance. As soon as I put on Marc Jean's ligature and tried it,I was blown away ! There was more of a core in the tone/better response/ resonance and an ease of playing in all registers. It opened up my sound. A beautiful piece of work..It's nice to know that there are artist/craftsmen like Marc Jean that fine tune these subtle areas on ligatures, and open up our playing even a few percent more. Thanks Marc Jean, Bill Petitti
George D. Farmingdale, New Jersey. USA
Marc Jean,

The ligatures arrived last week and I've spent some time with the soprano and alto. Both perform incredibly but there is one thing about the alto ligature in particular that I really like. With my Phil-Tone solstice (designed to produce a Wast Coast, Desmond-like tone) I was having good results before - but the left hand palm keys had a different, edgier, tonal characteristic than the rest of the range of the horn. With your ligature the tone has become more even across the entire range of the horn - I can play the upper register without it being very apparent that I am up so high. Very cool. I can't wait to spend some time with the tenor ligature. I am using the same Barone Super New York/Woodstone reed combination that Steve Neff used to demo the Barone on his blog. I know he used your ligature on that clip and it sounds great. I'll keep you posted.


Guy Séguin, Basse Laurentides, Qc
Salut Marc! Franchement, je dois te dire un gros merci et bravo pour tes ligatures! Si simples et si efficaces... Réponse immédiate, attaque très claire, stabilité du son dans tout le registre, solidité de la ligature sur l'embouchure, etc. La liste des bons points est longue! Les rails en bois semi-encastrés, qui ont une forme légèrement en entonnoir, stabilisent très efficacement l'anche sur l' quelle résonance!!! Le liège près des vis est un bel ajout pour aider à positionner l'anche sans la faire dévier en ajustant la ligature. Excellent sur toute la ligne! Au ténor, je jouais avec une François Louis, de l'ancien modèle avec les petits tubes en métal. Je dois avouer qu'elle est désormais au rang de «back up». La tienne m'a tellement surprise que je l'ai tout de suite adoptée. En plus, elle est fabriquée ici (commerce éthique) et par quelqu'un que je connais. J'en suis bien fier et encore une fois merci! Guy Séguin

Jonathan Bell. Connecticut, USA. May, 2012

Absolutely fantastic ligature! Wow!

I would like to set up as a dealer here in Connecticut for you. What is the process to do this, and do you have different pricing based on the number if ligatures I buy? I know many of my clients will be excited to learn of your ligatures, especially after they hear mine.

Also, as a musician, I'm doing an album this August with Randy Brecker, Jay Anderson, and Adam Nussbaum and I'd like to include you in the credits. Do I have your permission to do this?

Finally, I'd be honored to be included on your list of technicians and players who use your equipment. I'd be happy to send you some audio material of my performing so you have an idea about my playing ability.

My repair and mouthpiece refacing business name is Elite Woodwind Services.

Again, your ligature has added so much color and vibrancy to my sound, I feel lucky to have found you.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Jonathan Ball
Andrew Benzmiller, USA
Hello - the ligatures arrived yesterday. They look beautiful. I am trying them both to see which of the two sizes is better for my mouthpiece. But I can tell right away that your ligature improves my sound, even for a beginner.


Doug Lawrence, Professional tenor sax player, USA
Hi Marc Jean and Ted Klum,

The ligatures did indeed arrive! The single screw ligature works perfectly on "The London Model" Ted has made me. It sounds great! What a ligature! Just fantastic!

I will send the other two ligs you included back to you tomorrow Marc. Thank you so much again for sending these to me.

Doug Lawrence
Eddie Rich, Las Vegas, USA. March 2012
Hi Marc Jean,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the ligature a few days ago. It fits! I've been enjoying playing with it. It seems to bring my sound a bit more into focus and also seems to respond a little faster. Thanks for all of your efforts to make sure I ended up with the right ligature. I appreciate it. I will probably be reviewing the ligature on my website soon. If I do that, I will send you a link so you can check it out.

Thanks again,

Martyn Wood-Bevan, UK. March 2012
Hi Marc!

Just want to say that the new Alto ligature is superb. I have been using a Francois
Louis Pure Brass ligature up until now and been very happy with it. Your lig lifts the whole sound.
The top end is much fuller and the sound is pleasingly resonant throughout - a deeper, richer sound.
I now use Marc Jean ligatures on all my saxes - soprano, alto and tenor, and am very happy.

Kind regards

Jean-Jacques Bernard, France, Mars 2012

En fait je viens de recevoir vos ligatures. Je les ai essayées pendant une heure avec différentes anches et différents becs.
BRAVO et FELICITATIONS ! Elles sont incroyablement efficaces. Réponse, justesse, facilité de jeu, ouverture du son, ... tout y est.
Je ne manquerai pas de les faire essayer à mes collègues musiciens.

Bien cordialement,

Jean-Jacques Bernard

Paolo Muraro, Maryland, USA. March 2012
Hi Marc
I have been using the lig for about a month now and I think it is the best sounding ligature ever. It really opens up the sound, keeping a solid bottom end, and is very stable on the mouthpiece, not moving at all when tuning up or down the mouthpiece on the cork.

Thanks for the excellent product!

Soeren Johnson, Performer in Las Vegas,
Hello, Marc!

Wow, I had no idea that a ligature can make such a difference (I've been playing for a long time, but I'm not much of an equipment-junkie). So I finally had some chances to play both ligs in the big band, and I've decided the silver one works better for me. I'll know in a day or 2 whether I'm sending both ligs I currently have back, or whether one of the folks here wants to buy one (he's checking his budget). You'll be happy to hear that a handful of saxophonists got to try the lig - they all liked it. :-)

Evan Parker, Jazz Intl artist. London England, Feb, 2012
Dear Marc Jean, I collected the ligature from the post office today. Some delay because I had been on the road. (personnal notes reomved). Now as to the ligature itself: why it works is a mystery to me, and in fact is in conflict with all the assumptions I have made about ligature design in the past. Since I ordered one as soon as I had played a few notes, the fact that it works is without question; it produces a centred tone with no loss of fundamental in the note while at the same time allowing a full representation of the harmonics, more volume for a given effort and perhaps a higher proportion of usable reeds from a box. That is about as good as it gets. Thank you. all best Evan Parker
Heiner Musiol, Germany. Jan. 2012
Hi Marc,

the ligs arrived on Saturday. You can surely be proud of your idea, construction and design. There will always be people who smile about players who try to get the most for their sound. Let them smile: your ligs are a giant step towards the max you can get from your horn, mouthpiece and reed.

Thanks again,

Jeffrey Williams, USA Oct. 2011
I received the ligature & just wanted to let you know I am very happy,it is the perfect ligature for my ted klum metal tenor.Thanks for making a great product...

Michele Sacco, sax player from Italy. Sept. 2011
Marc , the ligature is wonderfullllllllll...yes . I play n 4 hard ricoh jazz select unfiled and n 10 star jody jazz rubber mpc and then i put you ligature ....whow ..."mamma mia" what quality sound now i got , the reed really have a sensational vibration with beautifull sound and response and increased and opened sound. Now I'm very very Happy. To me this is the best ligature in the world . Thank you Marc ..all goods for you. Another question is .. do you made the same ligature for soprano mouthpiece ? I want to order it. I have Selmer S 80 - opened K rubber mouthpiece with n 3 half vandoren bleu reed. If you want , visit the Raffaele Inghilterra saxophone shop

Raffaele is famous in Italy becouse he sell vintage saxophones and he have a large collection of these horn . I tell to raffaele about your beautifull ligature . He will be a very good seller in italy because he know the most important classical a jazz saxophonist in Italy .

thank you more


Andrew Bowie, UK. Sax player, Sept .2011
Hi Marc,
Ligature arrived this week, and I am already a believer: it just frees up the whole range of the horn, makes more air do the work, and makes control more effortless (and more reeds play well that were average at best before). The great thing is also that it fits any of my metal tenor mouthpieces and has the same effect. I thought initially it wouldn’t fit the Warburton itself, but it just needed the clasp to loosen in relation to the screws.
Alors, given all that, I can’t resist (not least in the light of Steve Neff’s comments over what your lig does for Hard Rubber tenor mouthpieces) having Marc Jeans for my other main pieces. Can you make me the following 3 ligatures, please?
Description removed by MJ.
Can I just say how much I appreciate the work you do: pure craftsmanship on something specialised that can make such a difference to the music.
Many thanks.
Best wishes,

Stefan Haynes, Calgary, Canada
Dear Marc,
I've been playing with your ligature for a couple days now and it is hands down amazing. It's very free blowing, which seems to add some power to my sound. It's also a perfect fit for my mouthpiece.
Thank you so much!

-Stefan play tenor sax on SR Tech metal mouthpiece. MJ
Roderick Watson, Scotland. July 2011
Dear Marc Jean,

Just to say how delighted I am with your ligature. What others have said about it is true — the reed seems freer, the response is quicker and easier, and the tone opens up —especially on the palm keys. The sax just sings. Thank you!


Roderick Watson
Allan Norico, Phillipines, July 2011

Wow! Thank you very much, Marc Jean :)

Best regards,

Claire Goguen, St-Hubert, Québec. Juillet 2011
Bonjour, Qui a dit que le souffle c'est la vie? Avec la même qualité de souffle à la clarinette et au saxophone alto, les ligatures Marc Jean permettent non seulement une aisance additionnelle pour les attaques, les nuances piano et moins, un détaché léger et aussi un son tellement plus centré et égal d'un registre à l'autre. J'ai sauvé des mois de pratique de sons filé et fini le stress des anches qui boudent à répondre. Même mon mari, saxophoniste ténor débutant, a gagné des mois d'expérience en jouant avec la nouvelle ligature. Si Peter Freeman, prof. de sax à l'Université McGill et ensuite Queens (Toronto) dit que même lui ça l'aide, imaginer pour le saxophoniste semi-professionnel comme moi ou les amateurs! J'ai hâte de l'essayer sur le saxophone soprano, maintenant. Je suis sûre que ce ne pourra être qu'une autre révélation. Bravo à Marc Jean pour avoir persévéré pour offrir cet extra-ordinaire produit québécois, um MUST pour les musiciens d'instruments à anches simples. Et à un prix plus que concurrentiel. Longue vie! Claire Goguen clarinettiste et saxophoniste St-Hubert
David Bodman, Catawissa, PA, USA. July 2011
This is just a preliminary review of your lig, I just got my acoustimax so I’m pretty much taking 1 min to breathe and then back to it. I switched between my FL Ultimate and your lig for about 2 hours last night, and I really can’t believe the improvement. Granted I’ve never tried another ligature like yours, but I won’t be looking anymore. I remember the difference between my 2 screw lig and the FL way back when I got it, I was so happy. This Marc Jean lig accomplished that x100. Even if I loved your lig for the 200lb torque grip it has on the mouthpiece while I’m tuning (lol), it would be worth it. However, the response of any mouthpiece I paired it with improved drastically. I noticed an easier time playing low notes softly, and my palm keys were more robust and full sounding than before. I’m of the thought that the ligature does not affect your tone, but you have something really special here. I feel like your lig takes the governor off the engine of the mouthpiece and allows you to open up the throttle (and I don’t just mean louder). If that doesn’t make any player sound better, then I’ll eat my cork grease.

I am a writer so I’m not going to polish this into a full review until I have some shed time, but I went from never hearing about you before, to reading about the MJ lig, to talking to you on the phone, and now I’d pretty much sing from the highest mountain about this thing lol. Thank you x100 and keep up the fantastic work!

David Bodman

Michael Cesati, Mass, USA. June 2011
Hi Marc,

Just wanted to thank you again and tell you how fantastic this lig is .
I have a pro player friend who uses an Acoustimer and last night we got together and he was blown away (pun intended) !!

We each played for each other and he currently uses a FL lig and that thing is dead compared to yours . He will be ordering one I'm sure . His name is Lance Bryant . The difference was astounding.

Anyways I will tell everyone who plays about these . You do great work. Would you ever consider making metal caps for these? I would buy one . The work you do it would be worth it. Probably a lot of work for you to make caps .

Also I may order a silver lig , I have a silver horn Conn Chu Berry . Would I notice much difference in brightness ??

Thanks again,
Fred Lamberson, Fine sax mouthpieces maker
Hi Marc,
I'm finally back and tried your ligature. I love this ligature! It fits perfectly on my L7 and opens up the sound in all registers and I can use more reeds with it.
Thanks for sending me this work of art and if possible I'd like to pay for an alto ligature for my tenor DD since it is alto sized and it's the piece I play with my band. I would like it to be plain (unlaquered and unplated) if possible. If not, then laquered is fine.
Thank you,
Fred Lamberson
Lamberson Mouthpieces
Christian Winther, New Orleans USA, April 2011
Hi Marc,
I really like the tenor ligature. Thanks.

What are the cost for a clarinet ligature? and what finishes do they come in?


Mike McGlynn N-Y. April, 2011
Hi Marc, I will send you a more detailed review in the near future, but your website is not exaggerating,

The ligature fits all three of the Theo Wanne mouthpieces The Durga tenor which is the brightest (not bright in the way most of us think, you should check out the sound clips on Theos website) with the Durga it really opens up the playability and dependability, the Durga is my mouthpiece of choice and your ligature only enhances every aspect of my playing it, when the ligature arrived I was actually afraid I would have to send it back

It looked as if it would not fit, and it did not until I completely removed both screws and placed ligature on mouthpiece where I could get the screws back in. once I did that I made it as tight as possible and it started to form around the mouthpiece as it did this I was able to go to lower position on mouthpiece re-tighten screw to get a better fit, it does fit all the Theo wanne pieces I have AMMA and Gaia, The Gaia fit perfectly after the stretch on the Durga, I really cannot express in words the joy I get with a very stable secure ligature that enhances my playing and confidence.

I use legere studio cut tenor reeds 2, they have a tendency to move around more then cane. Your ligature holds them securely without dampening the sound, once the reed adjustment is locked in it stays there. Your design is simple yet highly advanced at the same time if that makes sense.

Flat on the top with two sticks at different angles would not seem to make so much difference in sound, but it does. The craftsmanship is also excellent even in the smallest detail like the cork on the inside of ligature, precise placement of sticks and there angle, very impressive.

Also the engraving very steady hand Marc. I have to look on the box if I can find it, the only problem I see that someone would have when they receive your ligature would be that since you do not have a mold of every mouthpiece, to form ligature around it, they would most likely send it back for a larger size, which when it stretches might end up being to big. Like I said before I was worried at first because ligature looked way to small before it was stretched. Marc Thank you I will call you personally to Thank you keep up the good work

A quicker, even immediate response;
A more open, clean and very centered tone;
A clearer, deeper and stronger sound, and more stable
notes all along the scales;
A general improvement of the playing...

Ryan Kauffman, PA, USA
Hi Marc Jean,

I got the ligature in the mail about 10 days ago and have been playing it a lot since. It is, as you say, a free-blowing ligature and it feels good to play. I tend to like a little bit of resistance for my playing, so I have moved to a slightly harder reed. The thing that I like the most about your ligature is the effect it has on response & articulation. I have not noticed much difference in the tone, but I have indeed noticed that it responds very quickly and the articulation is very quick.

Thank you for your dedication and for making such a good product.

Ryan Kauffman
Yannick Rieu, Janvier 2011. Grand jazzman
Salut Marc.

Vraiment intéressant!
J'en suis encore à expérimenter. L'émission du son est grandement facilitée, il faut donc que j'ajuste toutes mes références et retrouver un certain équilibre sur tout le saxo. Ta ligature va me permettre de jouer des anches un peu plus dures, faut que je fasse des essais. J'arrive à mieux garder le timbre, le "gras", et une certaine profondeur dans le son même pianissimo.
Tu vois les changements sont majeurs!! Comme un nouveau mouthpiece!

Je vais t'en dire plus et te tenir au courant dans les semaines qui viennent.
Je serais évidemment curieux de voir sur le soprano!!

Toutes mes félicitations et un gros merci!

Jason Walters, California. Feb 2011
Thanks so much for sending out the ligature. The design is a little different than your original but it works very well!

Do you make a metal ligature for Ted Klum's metal "Standard" tenor mouthpiece? If so I'll be phoning you soon!

Thanks again for making these ligatures available, they are truly great,


Bill Harris, Stamford, CT USA Feb. 2011
Hi Marc Just a quick note to tell you again how much I love the new ligature! I like it more and more each day I play it. It's brought such life to my mouthpiece I can't tell you. It added just the right amount of brightness to the sound and it makes all of my reeds sound great. I always new it was a good mouthpiece but your ligature has made it a great mouthpiece. Thank you so much! I also want to be sure that you got my last email about making ones for my alto & soprano mouthpieces too. They sound so boring now compared to my tenor! Thank you, Bill
Bill Harris, Stamford, CT USA Jan 2011
I LOVE IT! Absolutely everything I had hoped for. It really brings the mouthpiece to life! I had read Steve Neff's review and that is what lead me to your site and it was just as he had said it would be and just what I was looking to bring to my mouthpiece! Thank you so much!

Now I need one for my soprano and alto! They are also Francois Louis Spectruoso mouthpieces...
I would like both of them in the bare brass as well.

Let me know what I owe you for the two more and when the Francois Louis mouthpiece for bari comes I'll want one for it as well!

Thank you so much for your great service as well as great product!


Hermann Schifke, Jan 2011, Fredericton, Canada

The ligature arrived yesterday and I gave it a test run last night. The ligature fits my PPT tenor mouthpiece perfectly and allows the PPT to sing effortlessly. I’m very happy with it.



Jeffrey Todd, Fort Worth, Texas. Dec. 2010
Cher M. Marc,

J’ai essayé votre ligature hier pour un concert de big band, où je joue “lead alto.” Il n’y a aucun doute: votre ligature (celle en argent) donne nettement plus de volume, et, ce à quoi je ne m’attendais pas, beaucoup plus de richesse dans le régistre grave de l’instrument. L'instrument dont je me sers pour le "big band", un "Martin Indiana", a beaucoup de qualités, mais il lui a toujours manqué de la richesse dans les notes graves. Maintenant, même si le son en n’est pas très riche en bas, il est plus riche, et j’en suis très content.

J’ai été étonné de voir ce changement. Mais en réfléchissant, cela me semble logique: car, surtout pour les notes graves, l’anche doit vibrer plus lentement et, ce qui est plus important, plus amplement que pour les notes aigues; donc, si vous avez une ligature moins restrictive, les notes graves vont en profiter peut-être plus encore que les notes aigues, puisque l’anche a besoin surtout dans les notes graves de moins de restriction.

Quant à la ligature en or, je pratique le saxophone très souvent en jouant au style classique. Donc, j’ai essayé votre ligature en or avec un bec Vandoren Optimum AL4. Je ne l’ai utilisée qu’une fois seulement, mais ma première impression est d’une plus grande richesse de son sur toute la gamme sur mon alto Couesnon Monopole (un saxo classique parfait, du reste).

Merci bien pour les ligatures. Il m’en faudra une pour le ténor aussi, mais il faudra épargner d’abord.

Je vous souhaite Joyeux Noël et Meilleurs Voeux pour le nouvel an!

Jeffrey TODD

Mike McGlynn N-Y
Hi Marc, I was only able to play with your ligature about 45 minutes last night, I used with synthetic Légere studio cut, on The Lawton it really opened up the sound

· Not raspy or harsh, a more pleasant fuller timber and response, it did add to the response of the reed as far as quickness and volume, also put original ligature back on to double check results, there was a big difference, the biggest change was in the volume and response of cane reeds rico jazz select 2 ½ and vandoren zz reeds 3 , with the regular ligatures I have used, vandoren Optimum , Lawton and Theo Wanne liberty ligature, cane reeds (unless close to perfect) always seem to be very unresponsive, low volume(frustrating) with your ligature I was able to get more response and volume and a more pleasing sound(this is without working on reed at all. I want to play further in a larger room then I was in last night.

· On the Lawton your ligature fit but was a little tight, I also noticed that unless I tightened the screws pretty tight I was out of tune 5 to 10 cents

· I need further testing of course, I will definitely keep this ligature for the Lawton.

· Thanks again I will give you more feed back on the near future.

Alex Nyman, New Zeland, Dec 1, 2010
Dear Marc,

Thank you so much for the great ligatures!

They really are superb and have given me a greater tonal pallette with which to work.

I''ve compared them with some very well known high end ligatures and they are superior.

I am now using your ligatures exclusively on Soprano Alto and Tenor.

Thank you so much for your great work.

I have added to a thread on saxontheweb forum statng the above and have the same in my signature.

Merci Beaucoup!



Alex Nyman
Playing Yanagisawa Saxophones
Marc Jean Ligatures and Gonzalez Reeds Exclusively
Artist in Residence
New Zealand School of Music
Musical Director
Tony Dagradi, Loyola Univ, New-Orleans
Hi Marc,
> I have really been enjoying your ligature. For me, in head to head
> comparisons with other brands, yours beats everything else out there.
> I'm writing now to order several more:
François Carrier, Saxophoniste alto. Jazz
Kornel Wolak, , Int'l clarinetist soloist. Toronto. Nov. 2010
I have played Mr. Jean's ligature for three years and have always been very pleased with its
beautiful qualities. Over this period, I have witnessed a great deal of constructive innovations
being introduced to the ligature. This makes me convinced that Mr. Jean's focus remains always the same:
helping clarinetists' with approaching another level of artistry. Besides immaculate craftsmanship
Mr. Jean has proven to be a gentleman in both personal and business matters. I recommend his ligature most highly.

Kornel Wolak - clarintist soloist
Tony Dagradi, Loyola Univ, New-Orleans
Hello Marc,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the new ligature! It gives me a more open sound with a consistency of tone in all registers. For some years now I have been playing the Francois Louis ligatures. But, your ligature is clearly superior.

Your advice to reposition the ligature until the best sound is achieved is helpful. I find that there is a real 'sweet spot' which seems to optimize the potentialities of the reed and ligature; a real symbiosis is achieved.

In addition, I really appreciate your craftsmanship and attention to detail in the construction of the ligature. The wood contacting the reed is an amazing innovation. Congratulations on a a truly great design. I will definitely be recommending your ligatures to my friends and students.

Best wishes,

Tony Dagradi
Professor of Saxophone and Jazz Studies
Loyola University New Orleans
6363 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118
504-865-2144 (office)
504-919-0122 (cell)
Robin Watt, United Kingdom, Sept 2010
Hi Marc

Thanks so much for the ligature. It has really made an amazing difference. Better sound, response and intonation - can't ask for more than that.

best wishes

Heiner Musiol, Much, Germany, August 2010
Hi Marc,
a short feedback after a couple of days: the Link Slant becomes a totally different mpc with your lig. I had the same experience with a Francois Louis Ultimate on my metal Guardalas couple of years ago. Until now, I played an old Selmer 2-screw lig which is broken at the rear srew but still holds the reed firm. Your lig really allows the reed to resonate more freely, and the result is a much richer response in harmonics. The overall performance of the piece can best be compared to a veil that you take off in front of a light. Of course it adds to the treble side of the mouthpiece, so you have to work a bit on your approach concering your lips, teeth etc (I do not know the English word for that).
All in all, I am very satisfied with it and can really recommend it to other players and will do so.

Kind regards,


P.S. Your advice with cork fat and forming it to a good fit helped a lot. I would not have dared to screw it that tight if you had not told me to do so.
Paul Harper Minneapolis, Mn, USA August 2010
Thanks for the ligatures, I am going to keep the tenor raw brass lig and the soprano lig. By the way, the Ligs are FANTASTIC. I am SO happy with they and sound. Best regards, Paul
Dan Colaluca, Youngstown, OH, July 10
I rcv'd the lig on thurs. & used it on a gig on fri.The fit is great, & the reed response, over the F.L. Ultimate, which was the best I had found up to this point, is a noticeable improvement. D2 & Eb2, especially, are clearer. Thanks for your extra effort. The silver plate looks great with the alum. shank. Dan Colaluca.
Sam Brinkley – Norfolk UK, July 2010
I am a classical player, pit musician, and woodwind teacher.

I play a Yamaha 62E tenor, with a Selmer D Mouthpiece.

I tried the Musique de Marc, Marc Jean, handmade, Silver plated, HR Ligature for a week.

There was an immediate difference in response and tone, when compared to a regular 2 screw ligature. The core tone produced was clearer, more ordered and focused. The reed response was immediate, and seemed to cancel out any microtones, unless you played for them.

The ligature seemed to help intonation, and made playing physically less demanding.

The MJ ligature regulates the position of the reed on the mouthpiece with more consistency, seemingly isolating the sides of the mouthpiece, and gave more resonance to the setup. It is also beautifully made and finished.

An all round, genuine improvement to the tone production and playability of my familiar mouthpiece / reed combination.

Sam Brinkley – Norfolk UK
Nick Willoughby, Australia
Hi Marc,

Thank you for sending me 2 saxophone ligatures to Australia. I was pleased with the way ligatures provide a secure platform for the reed to vibrate with a minimal contact point. As a consequence of using them, I have found the timbral qualities of the mouthpieces appear to have a richer spectrum of partials in the tone.

Thanks again !

Best regards,

Nick Willoughby
Jorge De Lima
Hi there

The ligature arrived last Friday. Very quick indeed. I like it a lot. It has now replaced my Vandoren Optimum ligature, which was by far my favourite one. Your ligature does what you said it would do: it lets the reed vibrate more and gives me a more lively sound on alto. It's a great product!

Best regards

Micheal Bartley
Hello, I bought a Marc Jean alto saxophone ligature recently and I just wanted you to know that it was delivered to my home in California a few days ago. Thank you very much for sending it so quickly and for packing it so securely; it arrived in perfect condition. This is an incredible ligature! I have collected more than a dozen ligatures over the years and your product rivals and may even exceed the performance of the Vandoren Optimum ligature, which I've played pretty consistently for over two years. In fact, I've decided to play your ligature exclusively for the next few months. I believe, after I get more familiar with it, your Marc Jean ligature will be my ligature of choice. I will also use your ligature when I attend the classical saxophone retreat at Wildacres in North Carolina this June. I'm sure that many of my fellow participants will be very interested in this ligature! Merci beaucoup! Best wishes, Michael Bartley
Steve Neff

Around the middle of February I received an email from Marc Jean at Musique de Marc asking if I would be interested in trying one of his Marc Jean ligatures. He said it was a new design and that many players of note were digging it. I was a bit skeptical as I get a few of these emails every month but I have to admit that as I read his email I was very interested. I emailed him back and said I would love to try it and told him I had a box of about 50 saxophone ligatures sitting on my desk so if I dug his………that was saying something!…………

Marc Jean sent me a ligature for a hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece to try. When I received it and opened the box I immediately new that Marc Jean is a man that takes pride in his work. The ligature was perfect looking. It was brushed gold and had no imperfections in it. It is a reverse ligature which means that the screws are on the top of the mouthpiece. On the bottom of the ligature are 2 wooden sticks that are a reddish color. These two sticks are somewhat uneven and non parallel but Marc told me that this is on purpose and that the reed responds better this way. The two wood sticks are not flimsy toothpick pieces. What ever they are, they are harder than the cane of a reed. I was afraid that the wood sticks would get compressed and ruined but I’ve been using the ligature for about 6 weeks every day and the wood sticks looks great.
OK, now you might be asking what difference this ligature might make compared to other saxophone ligatures? All I can give you is my personal experience. On tenor saxophone I have been using metal Otto Links for the last 6 months and had all but decided to sell my hard rubber mouthpieces. My favorite hard rubber mouthpiece on tenor is a Early Babbitt Otto Link that I have been using a Francois Louis ligature on. The Francois Louis ligature has been my favorite ligature for about 3-4 years now I think. Well, when I received the Marc Jean Ligature, I wet my good reed and played for awhile using the Francois Louis ligature on my Link. the reed was as perfect as they get and I was digging it but the sound was a bit dull and dark for me. I put on the Marc Jean while holding the reed absolutely still so that it didn’t shift at all. When I played my first note I was amazed! The sound was brighter, louder and fuller. The reed seemed a tad bit softer and easier to blow to me. I was totally excited as the qualities I was hearing were the ones I wanted more of from my hard rubber mouthpieces. I wanted to post on my blog that day about it but decided to wait and see if it would pass the test of time. Well, it has. It has been 6-7 weeks and I love it just as much as I did on that first day.
I loved it so much that I also ordered an alto saxophone ligature clarinet ligature and had the same experience with the alto ligature as the tenor. (I haven’t put the clarinet ligature to the test yet……) I have an Aizen alto mouthpiece that I was on the verge of selling. I was using a Vandoren Optimum ligature on it and was having trouble getting the right reed strength on it. When I used a Java 2 1/2 they were too soft and when I used 3’s they were too hard. I was getting really frustrated about it. I had the Aizen mouthpiece on with a 2 1/2 reed and put the Marc Jean ligature on. The 2 1/2 was way too soft. I was surprised how soft it felt. I put on a brand new Java 3. They had been running hard so I didn’t have high expectations…………the 3 was absolutely perfect with the Marc Jean ligature. I put the Optimum back on being careful to keep the reed in place and wouldn’t you know it, it felt too hard again. I put the Marc Jean back on and have been playing it for the last 4 weeks or so. I was ready to sell the Aizen mouthpiece but I’ve been playing it straight for the last 3-4 weeks.
What I have noticed about these ligatures as they seem to make my reeds blow a tad bit easier. The sound is a bit brighter and more alive for me. I love that. How does it do that? I can only guess. The only contact the ligature has with the reed are those 2 wooden sticks. Maybe the reed has a bit more freedom to vibrate and buzz because the wood is it self a little more flexible than metal. I have no idea. All I know is that I noticed a huge difference and am happier for it.
Now before you say I am just excited over a new purchase I want to state that I purposefully did not post about these for awhile now because I wanted to make sure that they were the real deal. I have bought ligatures before for 50-100 and been totally excited and then 2-3 days later think I just wasted my money when I get a bad reed or have a bad day. For the past 6-7 weeks the Marc Jean ligatures have been great. I have used them with dozens of reeds on dozens of mouthpieces and I am sold on them. My next purchase will be one that fits my metal Links. If you are interested in trying Marc Jean ligatures be sure to check out their website at . Check out all the reviews from players on that page. There is also a phone number and email at the bottom to order one. Tell him Steve sent you! : )
Ian Carroll, Boston
Hi Marc,

The ligature has worked out great! With the custom size, it fits the mouthpiece perfectly, and it opens up the sound nicely compared to the Rovner I had been using. I appreciate the nice workmanship, as well, and I'm always happy when I have a good reason to support a small business/manufacturer.

I'll be recommending the Marc Jean ligature to my students and colleagues.

Thanks again for a great product!

Mihael Paar, Samobar, Croetia
Hi Marc,
I got the ligature last week on Thursday (March 11th), so the Post was rather slow but it was worth waiting! It's great, I love it! The size is OK, the bigger one would probably be slightly to big.

It generates ease and warmth in the sound, which suites my style of set up and playing. I also have a feeling that it facilitates the playing with a stronger reed.

Can you please tell me what is that, that makes a difference with your ligature? The wooden sticks, their design?

Also, what would you suggest me, how strong or weak should I tie it?

Once again many thanks,
Bye, Mihael

Alex Dean, Toronto
Dear Marc Jean
Thank you for your very kind offer. I actually have one of your products already.One of my former students gave it to me. He is currently studying in New York at the Manhattan school.I think it is an excellent ligature...very responsive and good with reeds. As I teach at the University of Toronto and with Humber College Music Department and do clinics and play for many music festivals I would be happy to spread the word.Would it be possible to get a ligature for alto?
Thanks again
Marc Villiard, Longueuil, Avril 09
C’est un réel plaisir Marc de jouer avec ta ligature, ça donne dans le bon sens de la musique et du son,
et, bien sûr c’est un privilège de travailler sur le projet.
Longue vie à Musique de Marc, aux ligatures Marc Jean et à tout les instruments à vents ! Allez, maintenant au travail ! ...

Jas Walton, New-York , April 2009
hey marc -

i got your ligature today, and i'm really delighted with it. not only do notes speak more clearly and evenly over the whole horn, but there is a physical difference i feel when i play this ligature. the only word i can find to describe it would be complete relaxation. the sounds literally jumps out of the horn.

thanks again

Jas Walton

Peter Freeman, Montreal, March 09
Hi Marc, I just picked up the ligature from Abe's office last week and it's FABULOUS. Thank you so much. I hope you are going to be in town in April because I have another orchestra gig to do and I want to make sure my tenor is in "top" shape. I'll call you for an appointment. Thans again, Peter
Georges Stalle, March, 2. 09. Moorestown, N.J. USA
Hi, Marc. . . Your ligature arrived today and, after the first play test,I feel an immediate new openness to my sound. My sound seems to be projecting more intensely and the articulation is improved. It provides a brighter sound than my Optima ligature, which will give me a new "sound option" depending on what I'm playing. It will take me a little bit to settle into this new feel, so I will keep you posted! All the best and thanks so much for ligature #141!!! George Stalle Moorestown, NJ
Glenn Morrissette
Hi Marc,

I received your ligature in the mail today, and wow, it really is great. I was using an old brass Selmer ligature before, which I thought was pretty good, but the difference is amazing. Thanks so much for inventing such a great product.

So I have a question for you: I'd now like to get these ligatures for my alto and soprano saxes, as well as one for Bb clarinet. Do you make them in all these sizes? If so, can you tell me what would be the price, including shipping to LA?

Thanks again for everything!

Gumersindo Berna Limorte
Hello Marc, already I have received the ligature in house, have proved it, and it has a fantastic sound, thank you very much. I am a soloist of clarinet, can I send a DVD of my concert to the address of the package?. You can write to me in French, I am Spanish and have studied French in the college. A greeting.
Garrick Zoeter
Hello Marc,

I got the ligature yesterday and played on it extensively today. I think it is great! It fits fine on my mp and I like very much the response and brilliance in the sound it achieves. I will let you know if I am still playing on it in a month as that will be the true test!

Garrick Zoeter
Mario Malette
Allo Marc, Congradulation on that GREAT ligature that you have been working on for so long!I use your ligature on my tenor Ponzol,and also on my Florida Link! Definitely gives me better response on my tenor in low ,mid and high register!Also that lig gives me a better ,richer tone for sure!Really glad that I bought it! Thanks again,looking foward to see you soon! All the best Mario Malettee
Charles Papasoff
Someone just had to think about it! In conformity with the rules of physics: Potential energy emerging from the reed’s vibration is retracted (then returned) to this same reed by the wood on witch it is resting. Marc Jean’s ligature creates a series of waves, like a kind of cascade. Result: an audibly more open sound, an increased ease for the musician and a qualitative raise of tone. It is absolutely efficient!

Marc Jean has always been repairing and adjusting my saxophones. Accurate, creative, he studies thoroughly instrumentalists’ real concerns.
This new ligature is a major contribution to our world.
Charles Papasoff,
Daniel Jamieson

Ligs were great. I decided to keep the Gold tenor lig. Thanks for your help and happy new year!


Sebastien Fortin
J'ai pu aujourd'hui comparer votre lig avec 4 autres(Francois Louis Ultimate et Basic, vieille affaire 2 vis et Winslow) et elle se distingue vraiment des autres! WOW!!



Steve Dubinsky
Hi Marc,
Thanks a lot! My students tried the ligatures and immediately noticed a great improvement in the sound and the response, congratulations! We use B45's and C*'s. Great work! Thank you for your support.
Be well,
Vinnie Penella
Marc, I received your ligature and it's killin". Everything seems to respond easier, faster, and bigger. I like playing hard reeds, and this lig seems to let those harder reeds "sing", where they may have been a bit dead on an inferior ligature. Bravo to you and good luck with your business.
Joy to you, Vinnie Penella
Arnold (Arnie) Krakowsky
Hi Marc.....I received the lig today,thank you.Congrats...this is
a Fantastic product.It fits great......the reed is responding well.
Has a beautiful warmth to it...with lots of body.I'll tell all the
guys in Boston about these ligs.I'll probably end up with a few more
myself..................With respect,ARNIE

Dr Allan Segal
It plays quite well....similar to my better (old) Bonade, with the advantage that it does not slip.
Nonetheless, I am using it every day as my primary ligature.
Michel Castonguay
Hi Mr Jean,
I received your ligature and after finding the proper position on my mouthpiece (Ponzol), I was happily surprised by the gain of power.
I also noted that quick passages are easier to play and that the sound is quite warmer. I finally fund a ligature that fit very well with my mouthpiece and my saxophone

Best regards,

Michel Castonguay
George Garzone
Hey...Marc...great ligature......opened my sound dramatically,,,,big diference.....nice work,,,do you need distribution,,,,,I have a few ideas,,,,let me know if this interests you,,,congrats,,,take care,,,George Garzone.

Hey marc it's strange. But my reeds seem to last longer with your ligature...thank you I am working on some connections here in the states for you ...take

Mike Rivett
Hi, I am a student of George Garzone and I tried your ligature with him today. It is fantastic. I want one. How do I order? Best Regards, Mike Rivett Tenor Sax, Hard Rubber (Jody Jazz)
Peter Freeman
I have taught saxophone and clarinet at McGill University's Schulich School of Music for over 30 years as well as saxophone at Queen's University for the past 13 years. As a professional performer constantly in search of improved equipment, I have tried practically every ligature available for both instruments and I have found the new ligatures made by Marc Jean for both saxophone and clarinet to be exceptional. The instant response as well as warmth and depth of sound produced when playing with Marc's ligatures is unparalleled. They are also pleasing to the eye and aesthetically beautiful. They really must be tried to be believed, and I will be recommending these ligatures to my students and professional colleagues.

Charles Papasoff
Il ne fallait qu’y penser! C’est conforme à la loi physique : l’énergie potentielle de la vibration de l’anche est réfractée (donc retournée) à cette même anche via le bois sur lequel elle repose. La ligature de Marc Jean provoque une cascade ondulatoire. Résultat: un son perceptiblement plus ouvert, une facilité accrue pour le musicien et une augmentation qualitative du timbre. C’est dangereusement efficace !

Marc Jean répare et ajuste mes saxophones depuis toujours. Il est précis, inventif et à l’affût des enjeux réels pour l’instrumentiste. Cette nouvelle ligature est une contribution majeure à la discipline.
Joel Thibault
Super intéressant, Merci !
Richard Duval
Salut Marc, c’est pour te faire part de la ligature que tu m'as vendue dernièrement, c’est un succès dans mon cas, j’ai eu l’occasion de l’essayer samedi pour un contrat de dernière minute et je suis entièrement satisfait. Si jamais tu as d’autres inventions du genre, fait moi s’en part et je serai heureux de l’essayer. En attendant je te salut.
Guy Tremblay
Bonjour Marc, j’ai bien reçu la ligature que tu as faite. Je l'ai joué pendant environ 4 heures pour bien l'essayer et ensuite j'ai repris ma ligature Optimum. En effet, j'ai constaté que le son était plus égal dans tout le registre. Illusion je ne sais pas mais le résultat est là. L'émission me parait plus facile. J'ai beaucoup de plaisir à jouer avec. Je vais l'adopter jusqu'au temps que tu trouves mieux (RIRES). Au plaisir de vous rencontrer. MERCI.
Jean Laflamme
Salut Marc, ta ligature va très bien, c'est effectivement mieux que la vandoren, l'anche répond très facilement. Merci pour le service rapide.
Al Morrison
Marc, I have not forgotten to let you know how your lig is working. I'm wild about it !!! I have spent a good week with it. I’ve usen several reeds 3 and 3 1/2. They play with a nice pop on staccato and my legato has never sounded as good. It even seems to have my bad reeds somewhat improved. I can't say what is better exactly, but I will continue to compare it with my Bonade and Rovners. I'll be in touch with more to say later.
Your new friend,
Al Morrison
Peter Gemmel
Hey Marc, I received the ligature on Monday. Have been playing it for a few days. It´s fantastic. Thank you alot. I don´t know how much you charged me but I´m pretty sure it wasn´t enough.

Andréa Ravaioli
I compared just to the Vandoren Optimum and I like the sound of yours better. Like you said, it seems to deliver more sound from the same reed and mouthpiece.