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Some Comments from our customers

Frank Jones
Hello Marc Jean,

Thank you for sending the your Tornado Flute Booster.
I’ve installed your Tornado Flute Booster on my Haynes and have played it for several months. Yes, it does make the flute respond better.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Best regards,

Frank Jones

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Virginia Beach, VA 23452-3412
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Bob Ogren, Leithold Music
Hi Marc Jean, I received your free sample of "Tornado Flute Booster" Tried it today on an Armstrong 104 and an early Avanti with Straub. pads. I like what it does. For me it was quicker response and easier to make the flute "sing". I will be having my customers try it out. Thank you for sending it to us to try! If I can get enough interest we will be placing an order.
Wiishing you all the best.

Bob Ogren, Leithold Music. Explore La Crosse
Rick Keller, Studio Artist, LA
¨I love it. In the mean time I have met Phil Feather in LA and we determined that we
are both using the tornado , he was introduced to it throughout the master flute repairman Paul Rabinov.

I was recently in NJ and played a gig with Matt Hong (Jersey Boys on Broadway and suggested he loo for your product He was very
interested and I hope he contacts you soon.
Anibal Rojas, Jazz artist, USA
I have been a fan of Marc Jean Ligatures for quite sometime but when he handed me a small golden circle for my flute, i was skeptical. But once the Tornado Flute Booster went in place, which only took a matter of seconds, it delivered! Bigger Fatter tone, ease of playing, better articulation, power and projection. Wonderful product! This is a must product to try specially for all of us doublers.