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  The Marc jean Ligature
  Our second generation of Marc Jean Ligatures II have been improved in many ways. The sound enlargement generated by the very thick piece of grenadilla wood (clarinet wood) replacing the 2 wooden sticks is phenomenal.  The precision obtained by our new CNC router guaranties a perfect symmetry on every piece of wood.
The new ligature model was designed to enable the reed to vibrate even more freely.  As a result, there is less resistance when blowing into the instrument and less air is required to produce the sound. Low notes can be played effortlessly at a whisper and a larger, richer tone results.

The Marc Jean ligature II generates a very dark, warm and very open sound which is more powerful than ever. You will notice an even emission in all registers, ever more free blowing and surrounded by a multitude  of rich harmonics. Some pro players reported being able to reach 3 and 4 new higher notes when using this new ligature.
Even beginning students notice a difference with traditional ligatures. They don't have to force as much to play in all registers and they enjoy the fuller sound.  The screw section is now a one screw type and additional material was added to increase the vibration of the reed that was already outstanding.

You now have the choice between 11 different styles of ligatures for the same mouthpiece, grouped under two versions: The WOODSTOCK and the ARTISTRY.

    Ligature - Woodstock Version
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  The WOODSTOCK Version

Our WOODSTOCK version is offered in the following finishes:

  Style   Description   Price (USD)
W BSatin brass brushed finished, no lacquer.$120.00
W UBare brass (gold color) highly polished, no lacquer.$128.00
W 10MFinished like the Conn 10 M sax.$155.00
W SThick silver plated, brighter sound.$160.00
W G14K gold plating, richer sound.$198.00
    Ligature - Artistry Version
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  The ARTISTRY Version

Our Luxury ¨ARTISTRY¨ version is a Woodstock with a fancy wood trim on our big piece of grenadilla wood. A jewel piece. They are available in:

  Style   Description   Price (USD)
AR BSatin brass brushed finished, no lacquer.$151.00
AR UBare brass (gold color) highly polished, no lacquer.$160.00
AR 10MFinished like the Conn 10 M sax.$187.00
AR SThick silver plated, brighter sound.$198.00
AR G14K gold plating, richer sound.$240.00
AR L14K gold plating, logo or name engraved$300.00
My goal was to create the most performing and most beautiful ligature and I am told that we have succeeded.
The comments received are unanimous and outstanding. For a few testimonials from our customers, 
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Notice: The cap is not included. We are still working on its new concept.

My warranty is total: if you are not totally enthusiastic, simply return the ligature to us.
I will give a full refund as soon as I receive it.

Many thanks. Marc