The Marc Jean Ligature

A vibrant innovation !

Five years of research exploring the influence of sound waves and vibrations on clarinets and saxophones reeds affixed to the mouthpiece led to the creation of the unique Marc Jean Ligature...

The sound quality improvement generated by this redesign reversed ligature is surprising. The positioning of wooden sticks to support the reed allows it to vibrate in perfect symbiosis throughout its length, providing stunning tone. The conception of The Marc Jean Ligature creates a significant amplification of the undulatory movement, bringing out the qualities of the instrument and its mouthpiece, resulting in:
Ligature Marc Jean

Your instrument and mouthpiece sound qualities are therefore
amplified. You will notice added volume, greater presence
and a rounder and greater depth of sound.

While tuning, the ligature also remains stable on the
mouthpiece and many state that the reeds perform better.

Each Marc Jean Ligature is unique and had its own serial number.
Hand made in our workshop near Montreal, Quebec, this patented
innovation is comprised of top quality brass. Screws and nuts are imported
directly from France..

Many were stunned by the results produced by this new ligature and 95% of our clients who tried it, bought it …
So try it too and send us your comments!

The Marc Jean ligature: simply and harmoniously applying physics… for your delight!


Some comments from our customers

Peter Freeman:

I have taught saxophone and clarinet at McGill University's Schulich School of Music for over 30 years as well as saxophone at Queen's University for the past 13 years. As a professional performer constantly in search of improved equipment, I have tried practically every ligature available for both instruments and I have found the new ligatures made by Marc Jean for both saxophone and clarinet to be exceptional. The instant response as well as warmth and depth of sound produced when playing with Marc's ligatures is unparalleled. They are also pleasing to the eye and aesthetically beautiful. They really must be tried to be believed, and I will be recommending these ligatures to my students and professional colleagues.

Charles Papasoff:::

Someone just had to think about it! In conformity with the rules of physics: Potential energy emerging from the reed's vibration is refracted (hence returned) to this same reed by the wood on which it is resting. Marc Jean's ligature creates a series of waves, like a kind of cascade. Result: an audibly more open sound, an increased ease for the musician and a qualitative raise of tone. This is absolutely efficient!

Marc Jean has always been repairing and adjusting my saxophones. Accurate and creative, he studies thoroughly instrumentalists' real concerns.
This new ligature is a major contribution to our world.

Charles Papasoff

Andréa Ravaioli :

I compared just to the Vandoren Optimum and I like the sound of yours better. Like you said, it seems to deliver more sound from the same reed and mouthpiece.

Peter Gemmel :

Hey Marc, I  received the ligature on Monday. Have been playing it for a few days. It´s fantastic. Thank  you a lot. I don´t know how much you charged me but I´m pretty sure it wasn´t enough.

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