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A Tornado is the strongest demonstration of wind power on our planet and it has inspired the TORNADO FLUTE BOOSTER (TFB). In fact, a tornado has a tapered shape; so is a flute head joint.

Many players had notice that their flute is responding better after 20-30 minutes of playing. The instrument and the player's muscles are then warmed-up. If you look at the cork plate inside the head joint at this moment, you will notice that a ring of saliva has formed at the corner of the cork plate and the head
joint tube. This proves that this area is weak of wind circulation,
resulting in a waste of power for the musician.
The TFB cancel that negative effect and recuperates this lost power.
Tornado Flute Booster - Marc Jean

This device is correcting the head cork plate shape from a flat surface
to a shape similar to the base of a tornado and defines the eye of a tornado
in your flute. It accelerates and regulates the wind spin in the entire flute
creating many advantages for the player as described below.

For a video showing how to install the Tornado Flute Booter,  click here.

The Tornado Flute Booster is available in two finishes. Prices are in US Dollars (USD):

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A free sample will be shipped to Music Store Owners upon request.

Advantages and Characteristics

Installation Procedure for test playing

Permanent Installation Procedure

The Tornado Flute Booster can also be soft soldered by a specialised technician for an even better result.

The Tornado Flute Booster has been successfully tested on a large number of flutes of all categories and brands.

Musique de Marc Inc is not responsible for any damage caused to any part of any flute by the Tornado Flute Booster.

Some comments from our customers

M. Afton Stewart
 Do you know how awful the extreme high register usually sounds on an alto? Not any more. The high C fingering (high G 3) pops out clean and light. The alto tornado is even more useful on an alto as it is on a C flute flute. I am very, very pleased. (Custom-made product)

Gregory Alper, Music Teacher
 Hi Marc, I gave the FTB to my student today. He has a yamaha which is a bit stuffy and hard to play. the FTB worked magic, clearing up the sound and making it easy for him to play low and high notes. everything with more projection and less effort. Big hit. Thanks.

Peter Gemmel
 "Just put the TFB in my flute. Wow!!! I can trill on a Low C to any other note. It speaks so effortlessly. Thanks mille fois!!!"

Richard Hamer
 Hi Marc, The TFB are proving to be a big hit - I haven't had a lot of flute players in lately, but the ones who have tried them have ALL bought one ! Best, Richard Hamer South Wales Woodwind. UK

Frank Jones
 Hello Marc Jean, Thank you for sending the your Tornado Flute Booster. I’ve installed your Tornado Flute Booster on my Haynes and have played it for several months. Yes, it does make the flute respond better. I look forward to hearing from you soon Best regards, Frank Jones The Flute Tooter 3707 Virginia Beach Blvd Suite 205 Virginia Beach, VA 23452-3412 Phone: 757.495.7339 Email:

Bob Ogren, Leithold Music
 Hi Marc Jean, I received your free sample of "Tornado Flute Booster" Tried it today on an Armstrong 104 and an early Avanti with Straub. pads. I like what it does. For me it was quicker response and easier to make the flute "sing". I will be having my customers try it out. Thank you for sending it to us to try! If I can get enough interest we will be placing an order. Wiishing you all the best. Sincerely, Bob Ogren, Leithold Music. Explore La Crosse

Richard at : South Wales Woodwind, UK
 Hi Marc Jean, The TFB's and ligatures have arrived safely, thank you. I have had a little time today, and tried the metal Link ligature briefly "Mon Dieu- Magnifique! " is all I can say, avec un peu francais. What a difference. Every Link player should have one. I'll definitely need to get more, as I need one for myself, and I'm sure they will be popular when the word gets around. Richard

Dick Hamer
 Hello again Marc, I soldered the TFB in place after trying it with a temporary fixing, and I have to say the difference is remarkable. Not just in sound quality and ease of production, but the flexibility of large interval leaps (Bach Studies), which is something which has always been difficult for me as a doubler with limited practice time. It's almost too easy, feels like i'm cheating. I'll definitely be recommending them to colleagues, and customers who are having their flute serviced. Could I order 15, gold plated for now, i'm sure more will follow... OK, hope you are well, and business going well, Regards Dick Hamer South Wales Woodwind

Ichiro Katayama, VP at Miyasawa Flutes. Japan
 I introduced the TFB to Mr. Katayama at the MusicMesse 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. after trying it, he had a big smile and asked: Is this patented? You sure found something there…¨ Yes, it is patented

Rick Keller, Studio Artist, LA
 ¨I love it. In the mean time I have met Phil Feather in LA and we determined that we are both using the tornado , he was introduced to it throughout the master flute repairman Paul Rabinov. I was recently in NJ and played a gig with Matt Hong (Jersey Boys on Broadway and suggested he loo for your product He was very interested and I hope he contacts you soon.

Anibal Rojas, Jazz artist, USA
 I have been a fan of Marc Jean Ligatures for quite sometime but when he handed me a small golden circle for my flute, i was skeptical. But once the Tornado Flute Booster went in place, which only took a matter of seconds, it delivered! Bigger Fatter tone, ease of playing, better articulation, power and projection. Wonderful product! This is a must product to try specially for all of us doublers.

David Straubinger
 ¨Congratulation Marc, This is great, I will consider installing the TFB on the new Straubinger flutes¨.

Guy Eshed, Principal Flute at Florence Opera, Italy
 I just happened to try the TFB on my Muramatsu 18K flute and was very impressed with how in functioned. Guy Eshed, Principal Flute Opera di Firenze (Florence Opera), music director Zubin Mehta and the West Eastern Divan Orchestra, music director Daniel Barenboim. Guy Eshed Via Maffia 39 Firenze 50125 Italy

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